News : Athletes denounce insults on their 'first day'

News :

Athletes denounce insults on their 'first day'

Cristina Lara and Carlos Mayo have denounced insults and lack of respect for training

First day of ‘open bar’ to exercise abroad for those called DAN (High Level Athletes) and first problems and signs of ignorance and total disrespect of some citizens towards them. After giving the 'starting pistol' last Saturday day 2 to exercise outdoors to practice sport in specific bands, as of this Monday, professional athletes can train without time limits within the limits of their province and can count on the presence of a coach, who must maintain the corresponding distance that has been marked at the health level.

The rest of the federated athletes must train individually and outdoors. This group may train twice a day in the time slot established for said activity, from 06.00 to 10.00 and from 20.00 to 23.00 (they cannot count on the presence of a coach unlike DAN).

Slitting without a clue

In any case, as we said on the morning of this Monday, some DAN athletes have gone out to run and train for the first time outside that reserved time slot for citizens to do sports (6-10am) and There have already been the first problems in the form of complaints and expletives by other pedestrians and citizens who have rebuked them by thinking that they were just athletes who left outside the established schedule. and violated the imposed regulation. Why do we always ‘split’ without knowing, without knowing the cause, without thinking about other conditions?

There have been several athletes who have denounced insults and disrespect on social networks that have suffered for leaving outside the 'general' strip. Carlos Mayo, for example, has opened a thread on Twitter denouncing serious disrespect. “Of the 50 people (approximately) that I have been able to cross today (most of them over 65 years of age since I was in their time slot to enjoy the walk outdoors), I have received 5 verbal calls, including a lady shouting from his balcony… Honestly, I have felt a lot of helplessness because I consider that I was not doing anything wrong, complying with the rules and doing it at a certain time for the reasons that I have already explained. ”

Too Cristina Lara has made public the despicable treatment she has been subjected to in her morning outing. “They have never looked at me so badly and heard such negative comments towards me. I am a DAN athlete and under the established rules I have gone out to train at 10.30 in the mountains. They have even been yelled at by colleagues. We will have to come out with a sign that identifies us at the end. ”

Ignacio Fontes has been another of those who has denounced being treated as a “criminal”. "Of criminal profession ”, has written on Twitter clearly and succinctly.

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