News : Athletes’ exodus through the CAR state of Madrid, covered in snow

News : Athletes’ exodus through the CAR state of Madrid, covered in snow

Image of this Thursday of the state of the Madrid CAR track / Adri Ben

The storm ‘Filomena’ has been devastating for the country in general, but especially for the Community of Madrid and the Central Plateau area. Even today, the capital is still covered by snow that will take time to melt due to the cold wave that continues to hit the region and that maintains the completely white postcard image of the city. Throughout these days, once Filomena’s passage has been ‘digested’, we have seen surreal images. People skiing in the middle of the M-30, dinosaurs roaming around Plaza Castilla, igloos in the Paseo de la Castellano. There is obviously the fun part, but it has also wreaked havoc in many other areas. Power outages, inability to access essential jobs, cut roads … And in the athletics world, obviously, it has also ‘shaken’.

Days later nothing changes in the CAR

The Madrid CAR that coordinates the CSD has been totally flooded with snow. Many elite athletes and top-level athletic groups train there. The problem is that several days after the heavy snowfall, no maintenance team rushed to remove the snow from the track athletics, which continued this Thursday clearly impractical. Adri Ben, fifth in the world in Doha and a member of Arturo Martín’s group in Madrid, has published a tweet showing his outrage at the fact that no one from maintenance or the CSD has moved to solve the problem.


“It seems incredible that this happens in a High Performance Center … We are many high-level athletes who have been forced to leave our place of residence in order to continue training in the absence of maintenance, in an OLYMPIC year! ”, he wrote, accompanying the message of two photos of the current state of the track, located in the heart of the capital. In the images you can see a group of coaches and athletes shovel in hand trying to get the more than two spans of nine that are still accumulated. “In addition, what little you see cleared has been cleaned by coaches and athletes with shovels. It is a feeling between anger and disappointment, especially for colleagues who cannot use other facilities… “.

Many have chosen to leave Madrid in order to train, as is the case with the walker Raquel González. “On the asphalt of Madrid we cannot do kilometers so yesterday we packed our bags and continue,” he commented a few days ago.

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