News : Athletes give up their 'privileges' for "insults" and "security"

News :

Athletes give up their 'privileges' for "insults" and "security"

Takacs, one of those that has renounced its time slot

Despite the fact that the Government has contemplated since last Monday that athletes considered as DAN (High Level) can exercise individually (maximum with a coach keeping the appropriate distance) and without a time limit, some athletes have decided to use only the strip allowed for all citizens for various reasons. The most important of them is that people judge them when they see young people train outside the established schedule and they have been in unpleasant situations that have included expletives and even some insult, as they have been denouncing it on their social networks with these days. impotence.

Will adhere to the hourly limits

"Irresponsible little girl" they shouted for example to the marcher Lidia Sánchez. Ignacio Fontes, Cristina Lara and Carlos Mayo have also made public embarrassing scenes due to insults and disrespect on the part of citizens who have not taken into account that there are a series of people who can go outside the bands established by this phase 0 of the de-escalation in Spain. Anyway, so much so that some of our DANs have decided that from now on they will use the time limits of the general population so as not to generate this situation of ‘mistrust’ among their neighbors and avoid situations like those they have experienced these days.

This is the case, for example, of Javi Guerra. He uses security reasons and so that his Segovian neighbors feel "calm and safe" when they see me running.

For her part, Julia Takacs says that "the state of form is regrettable" and that "people judge and I prefer to avoid having to hear comments".

“Even having the safe-conduct of a high-level athlete, I prefer to go out to exercise at the times stipulated for the vast majority. The general population does not understand our special permission and it is better to avoid misunderstandings and anger, ”Chuso García Bragado told EFE.

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