News : Athletes with sleep deficit are injured 70% more

News :

Athletes with sleep deficit are injured 70% more

Sleeping our hours is crucial to not injure ourselves

We always defend that in order to “crush ourselves” doing sports and have a full and loaded athletic routine, it is essential to sleep a minimum of hours and rest properly. The batteries we charge during the night (or during the day in this so ours that is the nap) mean energy that we can then waste during training. Without going further, the best example comes to us from Africa, from the cradle of the world fund, land of Olympic medalists and ‘recordmans’. In the Kenyan training camps, the Kipchoge, Kamworor, etc., rest virtually all the time they are not training. As Marc Roig, a physiotherapist and long-running companion of the marathon world record holder, told us, the Kenyans can rest until boredom and have almost no other distraction or 'hobby' to sleep and lie when they are not jogging or exercising.

The fewer hours of sleep, the more injuries

As the un Canadian Running ’teammates reflect in an article, and according to a study by the Institute of Sports Science and School Medicine, Teenagers who sleep less than eight hours have up to 70% more options for injury. For very simple. Too. It is only necessary to stay longer in bed and change that habit that we had perhaps to sleep little because we are bundled with other things. But is not. The "runners" are usually very busy. Between children, work and personal issues The training session is usually done first thing in the morning or late at night, more than anything because we have no other space available. But neither option is the best to maximize our sleep time.

Learn to stay in bed

Although it is hard to believe at times it is better to press the repeat button on our alarm clock and rest more than religiously comply with the kilometers and the load we have planned for the session. If you are having a particularly stressful week (either because of the burden of the children, because the thing is complicated at work or for any reason), it is very important to dedicate everything you can to rest well and look for holes or ways to sleep the hours. Y If that means skipping a session early in the morning or late at night to do so, do not hesitate. A good training session is always better than two or three bad or poor ones. It seems simple, but we have a hard time assimilating it because when we don't go out one day we had planned because we prefer to stay asleep it seems catastrophic. We must seek balance.

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