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Athletics - German Championships with Blemish - Sport

At the German Championships, only a few athletes shine with world-class performance. For the World Cup that makes little hope - in view of the doping problem, but this must not be bad.

Comment by Joachim Mölter

Gleaming winners usually overshadow almost everything else, and this insight has also been reaped at these German championships in Berlin - unless you count on the world-class performance of 5000 meter runner Konstanze Klosterhalfen and long jumper Malaika Mihambo has dazzled. There were other bright spots as well, the renaissance of the women's sprint, for example, which again has a certain density, or the men's javelin, which continues to be based on an extraordinary breadth. But who wanted, could discover all sorts of weak spots in Berlin.

It takes another 52 days until the start of the World Cup in Doha, which is enough time to fix one or the other construction site to build a resilient form that withstands the pressure of a major event. But this time is far from enough for everything and everyone, probably not for the ailing two-time World Champion David Storl, who simply does not get in shape.

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Again a medal hoping less for the World Cup, for which there are only a few in the German Athletics Association (DLV). The mid-high of the 2018 European Championships in Berlin can not disguise this when there were 19 medals, including six gold medals. The home advantage, coupled with the weaker continental competition, had contributed to the gratifying yield. But this year, the DLV representatives have to compete again with the world's best, and there are even record runner Klosterhalfen and European obstacle champion Gesa Felicitas Krause no sure medal contender in the face of rivals from Africa and America.

At the 2017 World Championships in London, there were five medals for the DLV (once gold, twice silver and bronze), it was the second-weakest in this millennium. A much larger yield does not seem to be in this year either.

That does not have to be bad though.

Fortunately, with persistent doping issues, there is a growing hobby of not demanding too much from local athletes: winning medals at global events in a clean manner is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for semi-professional athletes, as most German athletes are. If the season's peak, this year, the World Cup in the desert state of Qatar, achieve their season's best performance or even set a personal record, they have already won a lot. Even if they are then in the shadow of the victors, they are allowed to shine.

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