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Athletics - Gold, Silver, Bronze - Sports in the region

The 800-meter runners of LG Stadtwerke München will live up to their role as favorites at the DM in Berlin. The hammer throwers also get two medals.

By Joachim Mölter, Berlin

One, two, three - the 800-meter runners of LG Stadtwerke München have lived up to their role as favorites in the German Leichtathetik Championships, and they have even managed the secret triple hoped success. Christina Hering defended her title in 2: 01.37 minutes in front of the indoor champion Katharina Trost (2: 01.68); Third was Mareen Kalis, who achieved a personal season best in 2: 04.81 minutes. The only downer: None undercut the World Cup standard of the German Athletics Federation (DLV), which is set at 2: 00,60 minutes. The German Yearly Best Consolation lacks only 14 hundredths of a second, herring 29.

Much joy, little suffering: Christina Hering and Katharina Trost are running to gold and silver.

(Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa)

Hering and consolation had already dominated the heats on Saturday and each qualified as winners for the finals. There they had then immediately set off from the rest of the field, first the little consolation in front of the tall herring, but took over the lead after the first round. Trost attacked 150 meters before the finish, but Hering stopped and secured her fifth overall 800-meter title in the open, the fourth in a row. The sprinter of the chase field then decided Kalis in their favor and thus completed the team success. A week ago, the three women in Ulm had already won the championship title in the 3 x 800-meter relay.

When hammer throwing three Bayern are on the podium, rank one goes to a Allgäu

On Saturday, the hammer throwers of LG Stadtwerke had already collected two medals, in silver and bronze. Gold went to the Allgäuer Tristan Schwandke with exactly 73.00 meters. "Three Bayern on the podium, that's super strong," said the defending defending champion Johannes Bichler, this time with 66.95 meters behind his club colleague Simon Lang (68.01) had to be satisfied with third place. "Tristan is a deserved champion," Bichler said. "He has not been beaten all year long."

Simon Lang is second in the hammer throw.

(Photo: imago images / Beautiful Sports)

The two Munichers were basically satisfied with their results. "A higher distance would have been nice," said Lang, who only missed his season's best by 36 centimeters. Bichler was already further back, but he had torn his shoulder during training on Thursday and could only strong bandaged ever compete. "I had a good litter and I'm glad it was valid," he said, thanking the physiotherapists who made his start possible.

Shot put Christian Zimmermann lands only in fifth place.

(Photo: imago images / Beautiful Sports)

Both Munich hammer throwers generally have to contend with health problems. "This season has been a difficult one in general, with uninterrupted back problems in the winter, the last knee being," Bichler said. "This season was the opposite of last year." In 2018, everything went great with the first win of the German championship title (71.67). Lang says as well: "First of all, it's about getting well." Since 2017, the iliosacral joint is causing him problems. he slowly gropes back to his best (72.61) from 2016, "when everything has worked," as he says.

Dreispringer Paul Walschburger kinks in training and lands in Berlin only in 7th place

Even the jumper Paul Walschburger could have told a story of suffering. The German junior champion and second in the DLV annual leaderboard with 15.96 meters was bent over on Monday during training and had thereby pulled an outer ligament tear in his left foot. His start was on Sunday at short notice, with the handicap was no more than 14.83 meters and seventh place.

The Kirchheim shotgun Christian Zimmermann also could not confirm his status as number two in the national ranking. The 2.13-meter giant, seventh in the recent Student World Games, was almost half a meter behind his 19.91-meter best this year, finishing only in fifth with 19.44 meters - the best of his two valid attempts ,

The 4x100-meter squadron of LG Stadtwerke was classified one more place behind - but with a German record. The quartet, which was exclusively composed of youngsters Yannick Wolf, Fabian Olbert, Florian Knerlein and Vincente Graiani, improved its own U20 mark, set up just a week ago in Ulm, by a further 17 hundredths of a second to 40.33 seconds in the men's final.

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