News : Athletics overflows solidarity with the story of Joaquín Carmona

News :

Athletics overflows solidarity with the story of Joaquín Carmona

Joaquín Carmona has been a trend this Monday in Spain

The impact that the history that Alfredo Varona has told this Monday on the Stock Exchange of the Corridor has solved solving the mystery of the whereabouts of one of the greatest athletic experts in Spain such as Joaquín Carmona has been overwhelming. Definitely, the outcome is as crude as it is real and has left many people stunned. @ Jokin4318 ‘Disappeared’ from Twitter on March 15. His last tweet was a TVE video about Mariano Haro, the Léon de Becerril. Since then it had disappeared from the map. His statistics, the information he gave, and his wisdom were appreciated by all, and the more time he spent the more people from the world of athletics came out wondering about his whereabouts and praying that nothing bad had happened to him.

An outcome as raw as it is real

No one imagined that long before that last tweet things had already begun to go wrong for Joaquín, who had never revealed his identity and had always acted in discreet anonymity. Varona managed to follow a thread and found him in a park in Madrid. Carmona is a homeless man who has no more possessions than a mattress and an old laptop. The collaborator of the Stock Market of the Broker has told us with his usual style a story that removes hiccups. Life has taken the athletic expert to an extreme situation, in the same way that you could do with any of us. The reaction from the athletic sports family has been simply brutal. We have not stopped receiving emails, messages by private and in public offering help in the form of economic, material, and labor collaboration.

We will send you all requests for help

Few or none explain that someone capable of connecting in this way from Twitter with people and with the ability to offer interesting and accurate information is in that situation. Since we are collecting requests for help for Carmona and channeling a little bit of the huge 'feedback' that we are receiving. From humility, we offer ourselves to process any help in the form of a job offer, etc., that may come from this world of Twitter that has been left a bit orphaned without his presence and send it to Joaquín.

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