News : Ayla Hallberg, the 12-year-old girl who has jumped higher than anyone

News :

Ayla Hallberg, the 12-year-old girl who has jumped higher than anyone

Ayla Hallberg, the young promise of Swedish athletics / Instagram

We get a story of those that brings you a smile and leaves your eyes as dishes of pure disbelief. We are increasingly accustomed to seeing ‘prodigy children’ in the world of athletics, en mini ’version athletes who do things that could practically be signed by someone seven or eight years older, a made and right athlete. In this case we refer to Ayla Hallberg Hossain, a Swedish girl of only 12 years of age who a few days ago jumped higher than any other athlete had ever done at her age. 1.77 meters, an absolute barbarity that crushed the record that so far marked the record of this age group (it was 1.75m of 2009 from the American Stacey Destin, as reported by athletic specialist Joaquin Carmona on Twitter).

A video that has gone viral

Hallberg, who turns 13 in a few weeks, succeeded in a championship in the Swedish town of Sollentuna. ANDThe video of the jump was posted by the athlete herself on her Instagram account and she already has more than 18,000 views. In addition, he accompanied the recording of a message: “World Record today! I jumped 1.77 meters tall, which represents a world record for 12 year old girls. More than satisfied with my performance today. ”

Some brands not negligible ...

It turns out that if we review the outdoor career of the young Scandinavian woman who hangs on her social networks, we see that she records 7.84 ″ in the 60 meters, 10.20 ″ in the 80 meters and 25.96 ″ in the 200 meters; In addition, it is 5.74 in long jump and 11.65 in triple jump. It doesn't look bad, no ...

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