News : Baby Candy: HSV approves special vacation for Santos!

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Baby Candy: HSV approves special vacation for Santos!

The holiday has come to an end, on Monday the professionals of HSV started with performance tests in their preparation for the new season.

All who should be there on time - except for one: Douglas Santos asked HSV for a few days special leave, will return from Brazil only on the weekend. The reason: Santos wants to stay with his pregnant wife Cristiane for a while before he translates to Europe.

Santos' request for special leave. A sensitive story. Cristiane is eight months pregnant, in August the baby is to be born. But then Papa Douglas will not be able to attend because of the current season. Only after the birth does he return home. Therefore, the left-back asked the HSV bosses to spend a few days on vacation. Also, because there are still some pregnancy examinations this week.

Cristiane, the wife of Douglas Santos, is eight months pregnant

The club officials exchanged brief information, then gave their okay. Most of all because they trust Santos - who never got into debt in his three HSV years - and nobody suspects a wrong game. Sporting Director Jonas Boldt says: "We want to treat our players with humanity and understand the situation of Douglas and his family. That's why we met his wish. He enjoys our confidence, we expect him back to Hamburg as soon as possible on the training ground. "

Santos wants to leave HSV

Complicated remains the mixed situation with the defender anyway. Because his desire to change still exists. The HSV knows that too. The fact that Leverkusen relegated Santos' favorite club does not change the fact that the 25-year-old wants to leave Hamburg this summer. From Santos' environment is to be heard that the Olympic champion of 2016 can not really imagine to play another year for HSV - but is determined to leave. But that works only if Santos can submit corresponding offers. The HSV hovers a double-digit million.

This article was written by Simon Braasch

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