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Bakery Jatta: Hamburger SV goes on the offensive - sports

  • Hamburger SV goes in the case of Bakery Jatta on the offensive.
  • The player who came to Germany as a refugee is accused of playing under false identity.
  • There are the usual hate missions in migration issues, but also tremendous assistance.
From Peter Burghardt, Hamburg

On Thursday afternoon, it was changeable cloudy and windy in beautiful Hamburg, also has the HSV trained, in public next to the Volksparkstadion. With Bakery Jatta, who is suddenly no longer to be Bakery Jatta, when the allegations are correct, which had become so unpleasantly loud on Wednesday. Whether the left winger from Gambia joins the DFB Cup match in Chemnitz on Sunday, will show. It should even clarify as soon as possible, what it is with its currently somewhat confused personality on it and what that could mean for this young man.

So far, Bakery Jatta, who is 21 years old, according to his passport and play permit, has been a popular professional who made it to the first eleven of this wondrous club in an astonishing way. People like him, also because of his history: raised without parents, never played in clubs in Africa, escape from his poor, then dictator-dominated homeland through the Sahara and across the Mediterranean, arrival in Germany with bag and bag, trial training and Contract with HSV, promotion to the regular player. Even the descent of HSV he survived unlike numerous former colleagues and several coaches. And now that.

2nd Bundesliga Four Watschn for the club

Four watts for the club

The 1. FC Nuremberg shows in the Monday match against HSV very weak. FC Bayern are drawn to the Tegernsee. In Kaiserslautern it comes to a macabre action of Mannheim fans.Messages at a glance

The magazine Sport-Bild had on Wednesday the suspicion in the world that Bakery Jatta is actually called Bakary Daffeh, already 23 years old and have played at several clubs, except in Gambia also in Senegal and Nigeria. Two former coaches believe to have recognized him in a photo. The doubts are not brand new, especially the question of his age had accompanied him at his landing in 2015 in Bremen and 2016 in Hamburg. But now that he has established himself magically in Germany and his favorite sport, Jatta is suddenly the subject of protest and investigation.

The control committee of the DFB under the direction of the former 1860-striker and today's Deggendorf court president Anton Nachreiner wants to investigate the matter. The district office Hamburg center, the authority responsible for Jatta, announced on Thursday, it would investigate "the case intensively" and "in the context of a hearing" the references. "If, in the further course, the suspicion of incorrect information is confirmed, a redemption procedure must be decided."

That would be decided at a higher level, warnings from detention and deportation, which are widely used by some loudspeakers, are nothing but wild theories for the time being. On top of that had the first FC Nuremberg in light of the reports of Jattas suddenly unclear identity with the DFB objected to the 0-0 defeat of Monday against HSV, but without much chance of success. All together then drove Jattas employer on the offensive.

Usual baiting, but also enormous assistance

On Thursday at the training time let the new HSV sports director Jonas Boldt spread a few lines to the cause Jatta. Boldt expressed his astonishment at the Nuremberg club and called on DFB and DFL to position themselves swiftly, "as regards the eligibility of Bakery Jatta, so that a legally compliant process of the cup and league games competition is maintained." After all, "our player has had a valid passport and a player's license for three years."

It is "unacceptable that this eligibility is challenged on the basis of assumptions": "We are fully behind Bakery and will continue to fully plan him in training and gaming operations, especially as he is a valuable player and fully integrated, valued teammate." He personally finds it "unbelievable and shocking," says Boldt, "that the player is" partially exposed to a social gauntlet because of this discussion. "Baka confirmed the correctness of his passport details again."

In fact, there is the hate speech common in migration issues, but also tremendous assistance. Many supporters say that this highly talented immigrant earned his place either way. Like many migrants, Bakery Jatta had a dream, his was German professional football. How he fulfilled him, the DFB and Hamburg district office must judge middle.

2nd Bundesliga game under a false name?

Game under a false name?

Bakery Jatta came to Germany as a minor refugee, now he is a professional footballer. But his identity raises doubts.By Peter Burghardt

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