News : Bakery Jatta: Nuremberg and Bochum are embarrassing in the dispute over HSV players

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Bakery Jatta: Nuremberg and Bochum are embarrassing in the dispute over HSV players

Bakery Jatta: Nuremberg and Bochum appeal - and make a fool of themselves

The situation surrounding the identity of HSV player Bakery Jatta remains unclear. In the light of this, 1. FC Nürnberg and VfL Bochum have objected to the classification of the respective matches. A questionable behavior, because who loses athletic, it should also take athletic.

0: 4 was the final result. 1. FC Nuremberg had just suffered a nasty defeat in front of home crowd against Hamburger SV. Bakery Jatta was in the away win of his team for 65 minutes on the court, which is why the Franks have subsequently filed an objection to the rating of the game at the German Football Association (DFB).

The reason is obvious: For days, the identity of Jattas is speculated. According to media reports, the Gambian may have made false statements regarding his identity and age when he arrived in Germany. Since Jatta was said to be underage when he arrived, it also gave him advantages in obtaining a residence permit.


Bakery Jatta: HSV professional has not gained an advantage

The DFB and the German Football League (DFL) have the eligibility Jattas "currently" validated - will clarify the allegations in another hearing. However, the Gambier is relieved by the German authorities. The Bremen Migration Office has checked the authenticity of the passport. The Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Gambia in Cologne has confirmed the issue of the passport. A counterfeit is therefore considered unlikely.

Same procedure as the 1. FC Nuremberg has now applied the VfL Bochum. After the 0-1 defeat at the Volksparkstadion, in which Jatta took 90 minutes for HSV, the Bochum protested. The question arises: Did Jatta cheat HSV and the club? Had the two clubs by the possible false identity a disadvantage on the court? NO.

The Gambier did not doped and did not gain an advantage. Nuremberg and Bochum have deservedly lost - and should take this defeat also athletic and accept. Would the clubs have objected if they had won the matches? Hardly imaginable. However, the clubs will challenge the result - looking athletic is an embarrassing measure.

SV Darmstadt: No objection to Jatta

How to behave correctly, the SV Darmstadt shows 98th The "lilies" shared on the first matchday the points with the HSV - but actively waived a protest march at the DFB.

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"We have deliberately waived an objection, because in our eyes obviously no deliberately unsportsmanlike behavior on the part of the Hamburg sports club exists .. The HSV has credibly publicly assured us to possess valid documents of the player, which justify an official eligibility In this case, therefore, it is wrong to challenge sports results with legal means and to claim points at the Green Table, "said the Darmstadt Executive Committee.

Lienen: "a bit embarrassing"

Ex-Bundesliga coach Ewald Lienen strongly condemns the debate over Jatta: "I have no sympathy, it's someone who's integrated, earns his money and pays taxes." The behavior of the clubs from Nuremberg and Bochum Lienen can not understand. It was "a bit embarrassing, after such a deserved defeat, in which the whole HSV team has played well to file an objection on grounds of such a suspicion," said the 65-year-old in the "sports club".

No matter which end the debate about the identity of the HSV player finds, the behavior of the Bochum and Nuremberg is unacceptable, only pours further oil in an already overheated debate and does not support the sporting thought that should be fair in football. The two clubs should reconsider their approach.

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