News : Bartolomé Serrano recovers a stolen mobile phone in a brutal persecution

News : Bartolomé Serrano recovers a stolen mobile phone in a brutal persecution

Bartolomé Serrano, in a file photo

The name of Bartolomé Serrano is well known by the athletic community. Not in vain he was champion of Spain of half marathon in 1997, a test in which he has a time of 1h01’43 ”, he participated in five world championships and set a mark of 2h12’01” in the marathon test.

At 52 years old, Jim, as he is known in the athletic environment where he is still a great reference, was the protagonist last week in a chase of a thief who had stolen a girl’s cell phone.

A memorable sprint

The events took place in his hometown, Terrassa, on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m., as reported by colleagues from Diario de Terrassa. Bartolomé, who despite the years maintains that point of resistance, guided by intuition when he saw a crying girl chasing a boy who was also running, he went after him. “I started to run without knowing where the boy had gone, but I turned to the right and it happened that he had also turned there. And I saw that he turned back down another street. I was about 150 or 200 meters“.

He warned him loudly to drop his mobile, that he would be caught, although on a steep climb Bartolomé loses sight of him. As he says, “I think the boy was broken by the climb. They are about 300 meters. He was very tired when I started running. “

The fugitive hid under a car to catch his breath. Minutes later he restarted the race 150 meters away from Bartolomé, that he was able to get closer to 25 meters or so, at which point the thief gave up his escape and handed him the phone, which was finally handed over to its owner. He raised his hands and said to his pursuer: “I am not a thief. I have done it to eat ”.

He does not know him, but he sends him a letter through Terrassa’s diary:

This is for you. Everyone deserves a second chance and you have to think about what you did last week. I don’t think, like you told me, that you have a problem eating. Rather, I think that you have gotten into some trouble and do not know how to get out of it. I advise you to ask for help, that you are on time. Maybe you were lucky to find me. I am not mistaken in the feelings and I know that you are a good person, but you had a bad day and you have to come to the conclusion that you did something foolish. Everything comes for something and maybe this happened for something “

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