News : Baseball pro Tyler Skaggs died under the influence of drugs and alcohol

News :

Baseball pro Tyler Skaggs died under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Tyler Skaggs, a Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher who died at the age of 27 in early July, was drugged and consumed at the time of his death. According to legal medicine in Tarrant County, Texas, the autopsy revealed the opioids fentanyl and oxycodone, as well as alcohol. Both painkillers are part of a drug crisis in the US.

The fact that gastric contents entered the respiratory tract, together with the active substances, is also the cause of death. The autopsy report considers this a tragic accident. Skaggs' family said in a statement after the report was made public that the police were investigating the possibility of an Anglo employee being involved in the incident.

Family "shaken" by autopsy report

"We are shocked to learn that the death of our beloved Tyler was the result of a combination of dangerous drugs and alcohol, completely contrary to the character of someone who worked so hard to become a baseball player at the MLB promising future, "the statement continues," We will not rest until we know how these anesthetics came into Tyler's possession. "

Skaggs had been found lifeless in a hotel room in Southlake, Texas, and the police were dead. Skaggs had been drafted in the Draft 2009 by the Angels in the first round at position 40. In a total of seven MLB seasons Skaggs played five years for the Angels to superstar Mike Trout and two years at the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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