News : Basketball: D.J. Cooper cheats on doping test with urine from girlfriend

News :

Basketball: D.J. Cooper cheats on doping test with urine from girlfriend

US basketball player Donnell D.J. Cooper has been banned by the Fiba basketball association for two years for a doping incident. That does not sound spectacular, but the background of this lock is curious.

Cooper is said to have cheated on a doping test and have given the urine to his girlfriend. The dizziness blew up as the urine sample indicated Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced in the human body during pregnancy. This should have been clear to the association: The urine sample can not come from the 28-year-olds. Apparently neither Cooper nor his girlfriend knew that they were expecting a child. In rare cases hCG can also indicate tumors and then be formed by the male body, but in this case Cooper would not have been blocked.

What Cooper wanted to hide is not known

The incident is said to have occurred a year ago, the suspension of Fiba made the Slovenian TV channel RTV now public. Other media report about it. The Fiba confirmed the SPIEGEL doping block (it is valid until 20 June 2020), but did not want to comment on the case.

The US basketball player was last under contract with AS Monaco and had last year planned to run aground for the Bosnian national team. Among other things, a doping test was necessary for this dressing change. What Cooper wanted to hide with the wrong urine sample is not known.

The Chicago native played at Ohio University from 2009 to 2013 and was considered a great talent. The NBA Drafts 2013 Cooper was indeed reported, but no team selected him. Subsequently, the point guard moved to Europe. In addition to Monaco Cooper has also played for teams in Greece, Russia and France. In 2017 he was the MVP in the French ProA.

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