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Basketball - injury worry wrinkles - sports

On Thursday basketball Bundesliga club Würzburg celebrates its season opening - but he fights in advance with a problem.

These are the usual topics that will be discussed on this Tuesday morning in the training center of the Würzburg basketball players. In just over two weeks, the new season begins in the Bundesliga, so first of all, a few basic questions to clarify. It is about the goals, with which the team draws in the upcoming game year, it concerns the most recent training camp in the idyll of northern Italy, and it concerns the game plan, which means it not particularly well with the Würzburgern, because he already in the first season weeks with Oldenburg, Alba Berlin and Bayern brings together.

Denis Wucherer, 46, is standing in a glass-enclosed room of the training complex in the district of Zellerau, working patiently on the journalists' questions, one after the other. Place seven or eight, that's realistic, replies Würzburg coach on the question of the goals, the training camp was very good (the food, incidentally, too), and the game plan, well, could turn out to be favorable because the highly-traded opponents may still be in the identification phase - but he could also be what he is at first glance: mercilessly.

It's the standard program that Wucherer, black shirt, sweatpants, red sneakers have to deal with this morning, but there is this problem that bothers him. This problem could be superimposed on all the other issues when the season starts, as Skyler Bowlin, one of his point-finders, is battered, and young playmaker Nils Haßfurther, who came from Nuremberg just a few weeks ago, is as hurt as the winger Florian Koch.

Because the two of the team will be absent for the time being and Lis Shoshi and William Sheehey are still out, even before they have ever played a competitive match for Würzburg, for usurers again that issue is particularly urgent, the team already in the last meters of the past Season has brought success: the injured. "In principle, we are on schedule," says Wucherer, raises his eyebrows and puts his forehead in furrows. He says: If only he could draw on all the players, then yes, then the new season could come.

Würzburg has finished ninth in each of the past two years. Although this is a position in the upper half of the table, but is not enough to move into the playoffs. Ninth place is not enough if you want to be in the middle of basketball, not just in it. Whether the team now meets the requirements, that also depends on how it is ordered this time in the course of the season for its players, says Wucherer.

In the previous round, his team had failed only on the last day of a defeat in Bamberg - not least because in addition to Johannes Richter and Kresimir Loncar in person of Jordan Hulls the best pitcher was missing and usurers had run out of alternatives. Thus, the catch-up hunt remained uncrowned, the Würzburg had laid down after a messy start to the season with six defeats in the first eight games. Now, in the second year under Wucherer, it is noticeable, despite the injured, "that after three and a half weeks of preparation, we can work on automatisms based on what we did last year." I hope, "says Wucherer," that we This can start less bumpy in the season. "

At least the first impressions are promising. Würzburg has won against the Belgian first division Limburg United, against Bonn as well. This Thursday is then the season opening. The former Euroleague club Darussafaka Istanbul introduces itself in the hall. For usurers, it is primarily about findings that he wants to gain from the acid test. He says therefore: "I hope that we will get out of the affair even without the injured."

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