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Markus Klusemann trains the second division women of TS Jahn München.

Markus Klusemann, the new coach of second division basketball TS Jahn München, is still on a bike tour in Poland. Next week, the Munich women start preparing for the season, which will begin in early October. Some familiar faces will not be there then. "Bundesliga team repositioned," said the club from Munich-Bogenhausen on its website. A headline that hits it: That's how Rüdiger Wichote, who trained the second division women for eight years, made way for Markus Klusemann. He finds a seriously changed squad before and should now "bring the youth in the club to the front," as he says.

That Anne Delafosse, one of the most successful German basketball women of all time, would end her career, has been fixed since last April. But now two other players of the Starting Five have said goodbye. Christina Schnorr, 26, will start her apprenticeship in Bad Tölz from September and wants to spare herself the travel to Munich. In the past season she was still a trainee teacher in the Upper Palatinate and has traveled from there to training and games. Nicole Schmidt, 29, joins the Bundesliga side TSV Wasserburg after eight years with Jahn, where she meets her former Jahn colleague Leonie Fiebich again. Marie-Anne Bohn, 27, is no longer there. Lea Pfeifer, 19, and Johanna Häckel, 18, make their continued involvement dependent on their future study locations.

Markus Klusemann, who is assisted by Petra Fackler as an assistant, still hopes for one or the other experienced player, so that not the 17-year-old exceptional talent Emily Bessoir and Center Anna Herise, 25, have to bear the whole point load. So far, however, only Fanny Szittya, 24, a Aufbauspielerin from Nördlingen, as a substitute for Schmidt fix. The coach is impressed by Praise Egharevba, a 16-year-old youth national player who has come from TSV München-Ost. "It is important to consolidate the squad and let grow together as a team," Klusemann describes his main task and adds academically: "Much importance is placed on the process."

Klusemann is 35 years old and has a doctorate in sports science. Theme of the work: "Game and training analysis in basketball." Since 2018 he trains the junior Bundesliga team (WNBL) of the Jahn girls. With her, he was third in the German Championship and the German Basketball Association (DBB) for Coach of the Year 2019. Klusemann is a full-time coach at the Bavarian Basketball Association (BBV) and runs his Jahn commitment alongside.

The separation of long-time coach Wichote came as a surprise. Twice in a row, the last reached the playoffs, once even the playoff final to the first league. Second division team boss Franz Ostermayer speaks of "friction losses" and the necessary "new impulses" for the team, but also allows criticism of Wichote see through: "In the incorporation of the young top talent has not happened enough."

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