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Basketball - Strengthened Bridal Show - Sports

The NBA begins distributing contractless players. The mix of dating show and carousel driving is more exciting than ever, because so many stars are never to buy.

The banknotes will rustle in droves, the alarm sirens on the news pages will flash, and millions of fans will gather in unison in front of the screens: The whole basketball nation, USA, is going into a special time this Sunday. The Free Agency begins at midnight German time, the non-contractual players in the NBA then officially select new clubs. And this Free Agency has what it takes to change the statics of the league. Within a day, dynasties can overthrow and new crown princes appear. There are more star players than ever on the market. It will be the largest and most expensive Free Agency in a long time.

Kevin Durant.

(Photo: Mark J. Terrill / AP)

It's like a mixture of Herzblatt dating show and carousel driving: who wants who? And if one goes there, what does the other do? Which team is strongest in the end? The stars sit in this comparison relaxed behind the shadow wall and can listen to all offers. Each of the big names will cash in, between $ 30 and $ 40 million salary per season will jump out.

Even if you have to completely suspend next season, like Kevin Durant (30, previously Golden State Warriors). This shows the importance of "Durantula", the human spider. It is likely to be debated forever how the final against Toronto would have been if Durant had been fit. But struck anyway, in the final his Achilles tendon, which is why he must suspend 19/20 in the worst case.

The teams do not care, Durant is umwned by various interested parties violently. Especially the clubs from the big markets New York and L.A., the Knicks, Nets and Clippers, finally want to buy themselves up again to the title contender. And they are convinced that the small forward returns as strong as one of the top 3 players in the world. That's why Durant will be offered some so-called maximum contracts, probably also from the Warriors: four or five years to the above mentioned payoffs.

Klay Thompson.

(Photo: Ezra Shaw / AFP)

Outside of California, most people hope that Golden State will lose two players

The same goes for Durant's Still-Yet-Teammates Klay Thompson (29, previously Golden State Warriors), who tore the cruciate ligament in the final. Maybe you'll end up at another club together. Everything is possible. Similar to Durant, the ingenious three-man shooter with its spiked band is likely to suspend most of 2019/20. Allegedly, the Golden State Warriors want to hold on to Thompson and offer him $ 190 million over five years, says the usually well-informed journalist Adrian Wojnarowski. Maybe then Durant will stay. But if one of them works, does that also tear the other? Then the Allstar formation of the Warriors around Thompson's sniper partner Steph Curry would be properly weakened - which everyone outside the Bay Area hopes.

Kawhi Leonard.

(Photo: Ezra Shaw / AFP)

The one who stayed healthy in the final and took the crown is also single again from 1 July. Kawhi Leonard (28, previously Toronto Raptors), Finals MVP 2019 and currently the best basketball player in the world. After Leonard has taken his Raptors and all of Canada on a magical playoff run, in which he pushed the team on the defensive and offensive and was instrumental in making it a champion, he is now on bridal show. Will Leonard defend the title with Toronto? Or does he move to his hometown Los Angeles, to the Clippers, for example? Even half-baked rumors are hard to fabricate with Leonard, for the Small Forward and its intentions are more difficult to decipher than the Voynich manuscript. There was a photo circulating in social media that made Raptors' fans jealous: Leonard was watched as he allegedly got hold of moving boxes. But who, who can earn such amounts of money in the future, gets himself moving boxes?

Also come with the dance Kyrie Irving (27, previously Boston Celtics), Jimmy Butler (29, previously Philadelphia 76ers) and Kemba Walker (29, previously Charlotte Hornets). Irving is quite likely to turn his back on Boston. Maybe there will be a reunion with LeBron James at the Lakers, enough salary under the Salary Cap have the Lakers anyway, after they have exchanged the two Germans Moritz Wagner and Isaac Bonga. The vacancy as a playmaker in the Celtics could then take over Kemba Walker, the rumor is consistent. Supposedly the Hornets Walker do not want to offer enough money. Whether Jimmy Butler wants to leave the city of brotherly love is unclear, the Sixers still offer quite good opportunities in the East. In another scenario, the Houston Rockets want to bring Butlers to reaffirm their title ambitions. So there are many spectacular scenarios that are now being translated into a decent script.

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