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Basketball World Cup: Germany's big chance - sports

Germany is traveling with the perhaps strongest squad in its history to the World Cup in China. What can the team do?

"It's the best tournament ever" - that says the German basketball national coach Henrik Rödl before the start of the basketball World Cup in China next Saturday. He credits his team with a "very, very good tournament" and there are many experts who claim that this German team is perhaps the strongest in history and can beat any opponent on good days, including the USA. And that, even though Dirk Nowitzki is no longer there.

The best tournament, perhaps the best German team - that of course raises expectations. Is the German team really that good? What role can Dennis Schröder play? Who are the favorites? And where does the sport of basketball in Germany stand? Can it in the long term take the famous "second place" behind the unassailable popular sport of football?

The basketball experts of the SZ Joachim Mölter and Jonas Beckenkamp talk to Martin Schneider in a new episode of "And now to sport", the sports podcast of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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