News : Bayer Leverkusen: Havertz takes position on possible Bayern change

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Bayer Leverkusen: Havertz takes position on possible Bayern change

Leverkusen's Kai Havertz is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after talents in Europe. At only 20 years old, he is a regular player at Bayer and with his 27 goals (20 goals / 7 assists) in 42 competitive matches he played in the DFB team.

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So it's no wonder that the future of the 20-year-old is worried about - fans, media, club bosses, and of course himself.

He does that, as Havertz admits in a refreshingly honest interview with the "Bild", but not too much. "At some point, the next step has to come for me, but I do not have a big head, when exactly that will be the case.Now Bayer Leverkusen counts first.We still have a lot planned."

Maybe not the "right step"

A change was therefore never in question for the young star this summer. "Leverkusen had signaled very quickly that they wanted to keep me, so that was not an issue for me."

Rumors that he already has a contract in Munich for the year 2020, denies Hubertz also vehemently: "There is no club in which I have already signed." Explicitly addressed to Bayern, he says: "I really do not know yet whether FC Bayern is the next and right step for me and I do not know whether it would be more likely to be foreign for me really not too much thought about it. "

Words they will certainly not like to hear in Munich. Nevertheless, the midfielder could trust the jump to a big club like the record champions: "I have this confidence, yes, but the same applies to other clubs."

"Golden" year

The native of Aachen also takes the high transfer fee of 100 million euros, which is associated with his name and left the stamp "Century Talent" very calm. That's the market, I can not help it, "he says, remaining humble despite the crowd around him. But I'm not a very special person, other people do their job well, I do not pick up because I have a very good environment that would bring me back to the ground immediately when the danger comes up should take off. "

Open, honest, down to earth, reflected. Kai Havertz is already very mature with his 20 years. He is currently only interested in making his tenth year with the Bayer Cross on his chest a "golden" year.

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