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Bayern Basketball: The dawning of a new era - sports

Bayern has the best conditions to dominate the basketball league for a long time. With the attraction of the brand in this country no other club can compete.

Comment by Joachim Mölter

The basketball pros of FC Bayern Munich have done no historical act, as they finished this year's playoffs with an impeccable record of 9-0 victories, have already managed three clubs before them: Bayer Leverkusen (1992 and 1994), Alba Berlin (1998 and 2002) and Brose Bamberg (2016) are already undefeated by the knockout rounds.

Remarkable is the performance of the Munich anyway. Since the 1990s, the teams from Leverkusen, Berlin and Bamberg have been shaping German basketball by making the championships a standard fixture in their time. Bayer and Alba each managed seven in a row, last Brose won seven with only one break - by Bayern.

Although he is celebrating his second title one after the other, he nonetheless plans to found a new era. As well as the Munich are equipped, personnel in management and team and financially, they have at least the best conditions to dominate the Bundesliga for years to come. With the attraction of the brand "FC Bayern" for sponsors and players in this country no other club can compete.

Basketball Hoeneß hugs the two-meter giants

Hoeneß hugs the two-meter giants

In a dramatic third final game, the Bayern basketball players turn a nearly lost game against Alba - and secure the championship title.From the hall of Ralf Tögel

Alba was equal with more modest means

The aspired supremacy will certainly not be self-fulfilling, as the younger and the youngest past shows. A dominance of FC Bayern was already feared when he decided at the beginning of this decade, to operate his basketball department as a second mainstay next to football professionally. The expected effect came with delay, because much of the personal commitment of the club boss Uli Hoeneß depends. When he was imprisoned for tax evasion, the project stalled.

In addition, final opponent Alba Berlin just proved that you can be equal with more modest means, if you're creative. The finals were certainly scarce, as it expresses the 0: 3. That should make all rivals of the Munich courage, but also show: If the FC Bayern weakens, you have to use his chances. That Alba was not successful, but the team is perhaps still too inexperienced.

As in football, Bayern buys in basketball in the first place, seasoned players; a club like Alba, on the other hand, trains its players themselves, and at the moment is very good, as the 17-year-old talent Franz Wagner proves. Home grown plants, which are already in the starting lineup in the final, can not be found in Munich. Not yet. But Bayern also won titles in the U19 and U16 this year. That could also speak for the beginning of an era.

Basketball The end of an era?

The end of an era?

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