News : Bayern – Comment: Without Uli Kalle is all

News :

Bayern - Comment: Without Uli Kalle is all

  • Ways of Rummenigge and Hoeness could split up
  • FC Bayern go with Hoeness "Division attack" lost
  • Oliver Kahn should follow in the footsteps of Hoeness to step

The surprising future scenario must scare Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Uli Hoeness apparently does not want to go on - and at least withdraw from the office of Bavarian President. For re-election in November, the 67-year-old allegedly does not want to ask.

Although it is rumored that Hoeneß wants to continue in the Supervisory Board. But that's not for sure. The former Bayern manager, who led the fortunes of the club for over 40 years and the FC Bayern Munich coined as no other, wants to speak out on August 29, 2019 officially.

Rummenigge had very different plans

This message struck like a bomb. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was caught cold on the USA trip of Bayern by this news. The comment from the Bayern boss was thin after the return trip from the US: "I do not know if it is a fact, and I do not want to comment on it, because it is an exclusive matter of Uli," said Rummenigge at Munich airport ,

Rummenigge had completely different plans. The 63-year-old ends in late 2021 - his successor is Oliver Kahn. If Hoeness does not stand for re-election in November 2019, the paths of the two alpha animals will part already this year.

Unbeatable duo with different qualities

At least at the decision-making level. In the Supervisory Board, Hoeneß, if he stays there, will be more likely to perform advisory and controlling tasks. The duo Hoeness / Rummenigge in recent years was the decisive factor for success.

The secret lay in the fact that both did not always agree - even arguing and rubbing against each other. But when it came down to it, Hoeneß and Rummenigge held together. An unbeatable duo with different qualities.

Rummenigge stands in the shadow of Hoeneß

While Hoeneß headed the "Attack Division", Rummenigge took over the smart part. Always with the desire to overtake Hoeneß in the alpha ranking. For a moment, it almost looked like Rummenigge would become number one at Bayern.

But Hoeness reported after his imprisonment for tax evasion impressive back and let himself be elected in 2016 again to the Bavarian president. Rummenigge was once again in the shadow of the Bayern maker, who had a decisive advantage for a long time.

Oliver Kahn is to become the new Hoeneß

In contrast to Rummenigge Hoeneß reached the hearts of the fans. He was loved and hated. Rummenigge does not have this aura, because he is more thoughtful and reserved. Now he will miss Hoeneß, if this really withdraws.

Then Uli is all without Kalle - because Rummenigge will no longer kindle the fire at Bayern as Hoeneß. The "department attack" must then take over another. The hottest candidate is Oliver Kahn, who could grow up to the new Hoeneß.

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