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Bayern - escalation in the healing world - sports

Fans ignite pyrotechnics in the away game of the second team in Würzburg - to bring about that their own club is asked to pay.

Shortly last Saturday, red smoke pulled out of the guest block through the Würzburg Arena. Maybe some fans of pyrotechnics-loving fans of Bayern Munich II wanted to simply celebrate the return to the third division after eight years absence. In some games, which one considers as special, this has happened again and again in the past. But a banner, which was previously seen in the guest block, suggested that it was not just a party mood: "If we pay, you pay too!" Was read on it. And that meant: It was the use of Pytrotechnik and fireworks - the latter was also thrown an official according to police report - and when tearing out a seat at least partially measures to bring about that the own club asked by the German Football Association to checkout becomes.

On May 26, the perfect world had been perfect: the fans on the back of the Grünwalder Stadium celebrated after a brilliant 4: 1 over the VfL Wolfsburg promotion. In addition, the team had won the offspring tournament Premier League International Cup. The small, but very loyal fan base did not come out of the celebrations, the then coach Holger Seitz thanked many times for their commitment and support.

In Eichstätt, the Bayern fans once threw potatoes on the field in protest

With a marginal note, however, the club then brought this homogenous fan group against itself: "Please note that in the 3rd league we can no longer grant our Bundesliga season ticket holders of the Allianz Arena a free entry," said the club at the end of June. homepage. For many fans that was an incredible affront. For decades, the annual tickets have also been used as tickets for the matches of the U23 - that was already the case when the young Bayern played in the third league at the beginning of the decade.

Even if it is a small group compared to the supporters of the professionals: The outcry was unmistakable and overlooked. The fans of FC Bayern have always been known to campaign for from their point of view appropriate entrance fees. They do so by throwing counterfeit money on the field at away games in the Champions League to denounce the greed of the Uefa. But they did that last year at VfB Eichstätt, for the first matchday of the Regionalliga: They threw potatoes on the field, because they did not want to see so much for the country to pay for tickets.

Now your own club has come under fire. Since the end of June, they have been holding banners for the U23 banners, and on their home campus against Dukla Praha they said: "Annual ticket rule abolished!" Dreesen and Messthaler make their own bill !? " This refers to Bayern's CFO Jan-Christian Dreesen and ticketing director Oliver Messthaler. In addition, Uli Hoeneß was to be seen between flying banknotes, about a football with two udders, where he is currently pulling - a nod to an old Hoeness quote, after which he understands "the fans not as a milking cow". For some younger fans, the comparatively low annual season ticket contribution may actually be a financial factor - the season ticket for the back straight in the Grünwalder Stadium now costs 70 euros, on the grandstand 170. But many are also concerned with the principle. And because you feel betrayed by your own club.

It creates the impression that the fans have not been taken seriously for a long time

Almost as much as the new payment obligation annoyed the fans, however, as the decision was communicated: casually, as a footnote to a banal club message. The reasons, many fans say, have not been mentioned to this day. From the campus, it says that there are two main reasons: First, the increased staff and cost in the third league compared to the Regionalliga. And second, the club would have to tax the free tickets, because it is a pecuniary advantage. A conversation between fans and club on this topic but there was not yet. Next Friday is the first home game against KFC Uerdingen instead (19 clock). Therefore, the fans are no longer eager to change the new annual ticket prices. An organized boycott for this game does not seem to be planned.

In longer conversations with different fans, all of whom do not want to be named, the impression arises that they have not been taken seriously enough by the club for a long time. That the introduction of the paid annual pass was just the famous drop. Therefore, they do not really want to believe that they have anything to do with the ascent: "One year or two ago they had the idea," says one of them. So you would be made a milking cow after all. However, it could be the ignition of Pytrotechnik as a protest against their own club tip to act as an escalation, the club does not leave unanswered.

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