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Bayern: Hoeneß called Kahn "the perfect solution" - sports

The return of Oliver Kahn to Bayern Munich is perfect. As the German football champion announced on Friday, the former captain and goalkeeper is appointed to the board of FC Bayern Munich AG. Kahn signed a five-year contract, which enters into force on January 1, 2020. First, he acts as a member of the board. After expiration of the contract of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on 31 December 2021 Kahn takes over from him the office of the chairman of the board.

"We are convinced that in Oliver Kahn we have found the perfect solution for the position of CEO of FC Bayern München AG Oliver was a significant player in the history of our club," said Supervisory Board Chairman Uli Hoeneß.

The night before, the 67-year-old had announced his retirement from the top management of the club. Now he has set another important course for the future. His long-time Adidas boss Herbert Hainer will take over his own office.

Kahn: "I am deeply connected with the club"

Kahn is the declared desired solution from Hoeneß. "For years he was the captain of FC Bayern and the German national team, he has won almost all the titles there is to win and he has always preceded with commitment and will," said Hoeneß: "Oliver Kahn knows the football, he knows the He is convinced that Oliver Kahn is the right man to take Bayern to the future. "

The 50-year-old Kahn is looking forward to the challenge. "It is a great honor for me to be transferred first to the office of chairman and later to the chairmanship of the board of FC Bayern München AG." I thank the supervisory board with Uli Hoeneß at the head of this trust, "said the former world goalkeeper , "I am deeply connected with the club, it has shaped my life very much."

Kahn's commitment had long since become apparent. The former world class goalkeeper played from 1994 to 2008 for FC Bayern Munich, celebrated eight league titles, six cup wins and triumphed as a highlight in 2001 in the Champions League.

"I like Oliver's development after the player's career, he's been a fantastic television expert, a distance learning business graduate and a startup company, and we've got someone here who has seen football as a keeper at the highest level The situation is to be his man in the economic sphere, which appeals to us, "Hoeness had said last.

Career by Oliver Kahn

From Vokuhila to world goalkeeper

Kahn brings not only an impressive athletic Vita with. After his career, the TV expert also gained experience as an entrepreneur. He was a great player, has a sense of football and has dealt seriously with finance and the economy, why should he not do that? ", Had been the chairman of the board since 2002 Rummenigge already explained.

Hoeneß has been at the head of the Supervisory Board since February 2017, re-electing him as Chairman in December. His term as club president expires in November 2019. Then he retires, also giving up his post as chairman of the supervisory board. Until 2023, however, he remains the control committee.

Bundesliga The center forward takes over

Hoeneß successor Herbert Hainer

The center forward takes over

The designated successor of Uli Hoeness at FC Bayern has moved a lot as a businessman - he has long been one of the powerful in the club.By Uwe Ritzer

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