News : Bayern in the Bundesliga preview: “More backward than progress”

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Bayern in the Bundesliga preview: "More backward than progress"

Bundesliga preview of VIP News: Bayern: "DAZN" host Alex Schlüter does not believe in the championship

The 57th Bundesliga season starts and for a long time the championship fight before the season was not as close as this year. Many teams have strengthened and want to overthrow Bayern. FOCUS Online looks with selected club experts on the new football year.

Alex Schlüter stands for the sports streaming service "DAZN" directly on the sidelines and moderates the top matches of the Champions and Europa League. In addition, the Bundesliga will be part of the program this season. With commentator Benni Zander he also recently started the football podcast "kicker meets DAZN". With FOCUS Online, he looks together into the glass ball for the new season - will Bayern Munich expand its title series or is the competition stronger this year?

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Is FC Bayern better positioned than last season?

Alex Schlüter: It's been a long time since, but FC Bayern are not stronger this season than last season. I feel like they have a different idea of ​​the transition year.

It is, at the moment, more a step backwards than an advance. Of course, everyone is still waiting for the big smash hit. If it does not come anymore, it will be difficult. The gap left by Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery on the wings is not easy to close.

Where threatens unrest?

Alex Schlüter: Certainly on the coaching bench. Then, if the team does not work right away - with all the new faces and leadership players, it can quickly get restless. Right now everyone is looking very closely at Bayern, also because of the lost Supercup.

The first weeks, even the game against Hertha, will be very decisive. Niko Kovac has a very difficult task. He can not do much for the squad and now has to make the most of it.

Which player do you have to pay attention to?

Alex Schlüter: The fixer will be Thiago more than ever. The game under Kovac will not change much. But with the 4-3-3 system, the focus is placed more on the central position. Thiago is the absolute distributor in the team, the first reference station. And there he also gets more responsibility, because on the wings many personal 1-on-1 situations will be eliminated.

What role does Bayern play in the championship race?

Alex Schlüter: Not to call Bayern in the championship race would be nonsense. It will be even closer than last year. They still have a very good team, but BVB has improved much better. If there is no staff anymore, it is only enough for second place.

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I am also a big fan of what happens in Leverkusen, Leipzig is also very exciting under Julian Nagelsmann. Gladbach could take a big step under Markus Rose. But if we talk about the title, that's not enough.

What is European in it?

Alex Schlüter: The problem here too is that the result is extremely dependent on who else is coming. The moment a Leroy Sané shows up, it's not so important for the league result. But he is the very player who improves the quality on an international level. He is someone of the caliber who can make the difference.

But even then the FC Bayern is not on the list for the title. The semi-final should be possible again.

Will one of the youngsters make it into the team?

Alex Schlüter: Yes! I am not convinced yet of Sarpreet Singh. There will be a few more ahead of him when the squad is complete. But Alphonso Davies I trust the breakthrough. He is someone who can play both offensively on the wing as well as defensive and thus stuffs many holes at Bayern. He will get his chances, also - one has to say so unfortunately - because one or the other often fails on the position.

Where does FC Bayern end up at the end of the season?

Alex Schlüter: Bayern finished second, one point behind Dortmund.

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