News : Bayern: Manuel Neuer sounds the alarm – that should give food for thought

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Bayern: Manuel Neuer sounds the alarm - that should give food for thought

"My impression is that the gap to the four English top teams is already serious and the Munich squad is currently not yet - so competitive - set up to seriously tackle the goals of Manuel." With these words, which he made in an interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", player adviser and broker Thomas Kroth caused a stir. Because this Manuel, whom he mentions, is his client and Bayern captain Manuel Neuer.

An openly expressed criticism of the transfer strategy of FC Bayern Munich is nothing unusual in this summer break, but in this case, it has a very explicit rating. Finally, Kroth represents Manuel Neuer, with whom he works closely and whose opinions and wishes he knows and represents exactly. He acts in this case as the mouthpiece of the 33-year-olds. "Manuel wants and needs a task, a fixed goal," Kroth continues.

New is not really a speaker - that speaks volumes

However, the goalkeeper seems to miss this at the moment, as does the hope of being able to achieve his goals with the club in the current constellation. Manuel Neuer is not considered a speaker, he is more of a moderator. His public statements are basically factual, well considered, sometimes reassuring. All the harder and more surprising are the battered notes that can now be heard from his camp - even when Thomas Kroth pronounces them. Unlikely that Neuer did not know about the interview.

That's exactly what FC Bayern have to think about, especially when Neuer, the captain and world champion, has doubts about the competitiveness of his team and does not completely rule out a farewell. The statements have a very different weight than that of fans or experts. This criticism comes from the sometimes most important player of the record champion and thus directly from the team. The "Mia san mia" self-understanding threatens to crumble in the heart of the team.

Kimmich expressed similar concerns before Neuer

That with Joshua Kimmich announced during the week, another highly respected player from the team, that he wants to have every year the realistic possibility to the CL title and not shaking in the group stage, only further emphasizes that the FC Bayern The transfer market should urgently put another shit on it, otherwise threatens an extremely troubled season.

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