News : Bayern Munich: He stays? The miraculous comeback of Jérôme Boateng

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Bayern Munich: He stays? The miraculous comeback of Jérôme Boateng

Surprising turnaround: How Boateng earned his whereabouts at Bayern

Actually, Jérôme Boateng was already gone - suddenly he is back in the middle of the Bayern. The central defender impresses on the trip to the USA, and there's praise from Niko Kovac and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. In fact, Boateng earned his whereabouts in Munich.

Jérôme Boateng loves the USA. And the US loves him, this fashion, music and lifestyle conscious professional footballer. Such a fits to America, where everything is bigger and brighter and enervating, but apparently Boateng also fits back to Munich to Bayern.

He left his employer's trip to the US prematurely, as Chief Executive Officer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge announced - fittingly in the Space Center of NASA's Houston Space Agency - which was the source for a joke.


Almost three years ago, Rummenigge complained that Boateng should come "back to earth" after some (driving) lassitude on the pitch. Now, however, on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, a turnaround at Boateng, which seemed to have taken off, had taken shape - away from Munich, with an unknown destination.

Bayern: Boateng transfer "not final decision"

The topic was "not yet finalized," said Rummenigge, which surprised. Bayern paid 80 million euros for Lucas Hernández, who likes to act as center-back; at least 35 million euros they beroberten for Benjamin Pavard, who incidentally likes to act as a central defender. In addition to the "best German central defender" (Rummenigge about Niklas Süle) it gets tight for Boateng.

That's what it seemed, at least, before Bayern set off for America. "We'll wait and see what's going on in the transfer market, then we'll talk to him about how to proceed," Rummenigge said. "Surely not the last word has been spoken yet."

The turnaround is Boateng's merit. On vacation, he worked hard and persistent, the former world champion looks fit for a long time, and he does not buck, although Bayern President Uli Hoeneß ("foreign body") urged him not even subtly farewell. Boateng extracted defiant commitment.

Neuer, Kovac and Rummenigge praise Jerome Boateng

"If you've seen the photos, the Jérôme (on holiday) If you've posted, you know how he prepared himself, "said Captain Manuel Neuer." Great praise, big compliment. From a sporting point of view, I'm very happy with him, "said coach Niko Kovac," He was well prepared for the trip, with the best weight and a bit of fitness, "said Rummenigge.

In the test against Real Madrid (3: 1), shortly before his departure, Boateng pleased as a defensive chief; he presented himself awake and willing. "That was the way I know him, as we all know him, as he already indicated in practice", Kovac emphasized.

"Well done," confirmed Rummenigge, who had deliberately omitted Boateng's name in Hernandez's performance when he talked about Bayern's line-up ("We have Lucas, Pavard, Sole").

FC Bayern apparently without offers for Boateng

Still, the Munich would probably agree to a sale, is rumored that they have lowered their transfer fee for the bound to 2021 Boateng to 15 (!) Million euros - and still find no interested parties. Paris Saint-Germain, which would have nearly committed the 30-year-olds in the previous year, has now strengthened with BVB professional Abdou Diallo.

"I'm not going to run away from here," Boateng had said at the end of last season on the "kicker" and announced (re) kindled fire: "I'm still burning, I'm hot, I'm fully attacking."

A remarkable setting. Bayern has registered.

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