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Bayern Munich II - Solo for the grandstand - Sport

The team of Bayern Munich II defeats the routine squad of Uerdingen 2: 1. The promoted thus secures his first three points in the new league season.

The game was as if painted for the point loss of a U23: Played courageously forward, have been courageous in the duels, fought numerous scoring opportunities, and with a narrow 2-1 lead, it's in the final stages. And then he falls, the compensation for the veteran. Or not. Because Lars Lukas Mai from Bayern Munich II was in the fourth minute of stoppage time exactly right when Stefan Aigner pulled away from KFC Uerdingen freestanding: Mai hit the ball off the line - and the promoted from the Regionalliga Bayern has thanks to a 2: 1 Sieges scored his first three points in the new league season. "With such an action at the end, that was overwhelming," rejoiced the 19-year-old center-back.

It was a bit more busy than on a Friday night in the Regionalliga, 2164 spectators had come. There were also at least two football champions in the stadium, one in the field and one in the main grandstand: Kevin Grosskreutz ran for Uerdingen, the New Bayern Pavard spent a long time looking for a seat and then stood on the balcony of the grandstand next to his sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, who greeted him with a surprised look. The spectator Pavard should have enjoyed the game much better than the player Großkreutz. Because after a few hesitant start minutes, the young Bayern dominated the game against the third division Deluxe squad from Krefeld.

Oliver Batista Maier was the first to make a murmur of a well-restrained back straight against a solo, then from an acute angle he thumped the ball against the inside post. Kwasi Wriedt, last season's top scorer in the Regionalliga Bayern, then needed three attempts to make it 1-0. First, he shot past the goal after a tough tackle (15.), then he failed at the former Unterhachinger goalkeeper Lukas Königshofer, who showed a good reaction at Wriedts Lupfer; but in the 24th minute it was time: Maximilian Welzmüller made a free kick quickly, parts of the Uerdinger defense seemed to have barely noticed, as the ball was already wriggling in the net. Immediately thereafter, there were two heatless heat on the sidelines, the former U23 coach Bayern, Heiko Vogel, compressed the Uerdinger together. His team seemed unsettled and partly physically inferior to the U23. These reacted with Frustfouls. Dennis Daube was sent off in yellow-red after 39 minutes, former sixties player Stefan Aigner jumped Lars Lukas Mai in the legs and looked probably dark yellow. Between the two actions, the guests but also managed the completely surprising equalizer: The loaned by Bayern Franck Evina headed a Großkreutz flank from the half-field into the net (42).

The Bayern continued to build their clear opportunity after the break. Although they sometimes acted too hastily or too hesitantly in the conclusion. Once Wriedt raised his arms desperately because Marcel Zylla had neither dared to score a shot on goal nor put the ball over to him (56 '). The most dangerous qualifications resulted from the distance, and so fell the hit to 2: 1. Oliver Batista Maier hit the inside post again from over 20 meters, but this time the ball jumped into the goal. "That made me very happy, my first goal after nine months," said the 18-year-old winger, who suffered a severe ankle injury last November when he was still a U19 player.

Towards the end, the young Bayern did less for their offensive game, Uerdingen took out several corner balls and then strictly speaking, was no longer outnumbered, because goalkeeper Königshofer had hurried to the opposing fives. The huge chance for Aigner resulted from a counterattack, after Zylla had given the chance to 3-1. Incidentally, Pavard missed the exciting final phase: the professional center-back had left the stadium a few minutes earlier.

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