News : Bayern Munich: Leroy Sané long injured – that should be the new transfer plan

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Bayern Munich: Leroy Sané long injured - that should be the new transfer plan

It was a cheerful atmosphere, Thursday evening on the sports grounds Birkenmoos on the south bank of Lake Tegernsee. 23: 0 Bayern won a friendly match against home club FC Rottach-Egern, on the sidelines were 2500 enthusiastic spectators - Volksfeststimmung on a mild Upper Bavarian summer evening.

For the FC Bayern officials, the mood is far from carefree at the moment, as Hasan Salihamidzic's facial expressions after the match have shown. It was curious what the sports director of Leroy Sané's ACL Club would officially say if the month-long defeat of the national team would break the wish transfer. Salihamidzic looked tense, as he used to say sentences without content, but said, "I'm sad and I'm very sorry Leroy hurt himself in the game against Liverpool." The regret should have been based not only on personal compassion.

FC Bayern would like to have Sané presented as access this week - to finally end the discussions about missing purchases. It will not work. That the professional of Manchester City injured on Sunday in the English Supercup in Wembley on the cruciate ligament and must now be operated, is of course not the fault of Bayern. But it fits into the picture of this hitherto so hapless transfer summer of the record champion.

FC Bayern is no longer a top player in the transfer market

For weeks they had ridden for Sané, even publicly, after a complaint from Manchester City and a subsequent rebuke of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to coach Niko Kovac only internally. Questionable seemed only the final transfer fee, the Bayern for the 23-year-olds Manchester would transfer. Now the transfer seems off the table. Over 100 million euros in compensation for a player with one of the worst injuries of a professional athlete? That would be a high risk.

It is questionable that FC Bayern is now just as far ahead in its personnel planning as at the end of May. And just because sporting director Salihamidzic shook his head through the summer break with persistence slogans, repeatedly pointing out the transfer time until early September, he raises the question of whether he and the club will ever have a post-match transfer strategy for Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry had.

Leroy Sané, 23, was injured in the English Supercup last Sunday


Leroy Sané, 23, was injured in the English Supercup last Sunday

But the eternal Sané discussions reveal yet another dilemma of Bayern. Previously, they were proud of Säbener Strasse that they got almost every professional they wanted to get. It all seemed to be so easy: One time with the fingers flipping, already one had the desire squad together. That does not work anymore today: Rummenigge himself had to revise his long-standing favorite slogan a month ago ("An offer of FC Bayern refuses"), knowing that the club as well as the Bundesliga have lost their international appeal and appeal - especially in comparison to the Premier League.

A burst Sané transfer can be a chance

Instead, they have to make an active effort to keep already retired and willing-to-change players like Jérôme Boateng and Renato Sanches in a good mood - just so their tiny 17-man squad will not get even thinner. For Bayern, it must also have felt like a show that allowed Manchester City to pass several days before announcing the injury diagnosis to Leroy Sané. According to City, this was due to an extra infiltrated knee injury specialist.

If the Sané deal is now finally ticked off, but also offers a chance. Then the Munich could distribute the requested transfer sum to several signings.

Possible candidates are Hakim Ziyech, 26, who reached the semi-finals of the Champions League as the right winger of Ajax Amsterdam. Also: Steven Bergwijn, 21, the spectacular left winger of PSV Eindhoven. The 30-year-old, once in Dortmund and Wolfsburg and now playing at Inter Milan Ivan Perisic - also a trained left winger - could be an option. The salary-expensive Gareth Bale of Real Madrid could be a candidate as a loaner.

If the Bayern commit a player from this price category, there would still be enough money to add to other positions. The central midfield is still considered a construction site, a back-up behind Robert Lewandowski could prove useful in the course of the season. The coming days will show how FC Bayern will equip its squad for the new season. The Bundesliga starts in seven days and the transfer window closes in three weeks.

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