News : Bayern: Niko Kovac criticizes the Munich squad

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Bayern: Niko Kovac criticizes the Munich squad

Bayern: Niko Kovac explains - Mats Hummels fled from Lucas Hernández

Niko Kovac comments on the season preparation of FC Bayern Munich. The coach hopes for more new entrants and takes position on alleged resignation. The Croat has a clear opinion on Leroy Sané and Ousmane Dembélé.

Press conference of Bayern Munich with Niko Kovac

14:02: Niko Kovac ....

... about Hummels: "Mats approached us and asked how the stand is in the new season. We brought with Lucas Hernandez a new player for 80 million, which we see in central defense. Competition means that the better plays. Mats thought he wanted to avoid that. "

... about the free time: "It was a short vacation, but you can tell I enjoyed it and now it starts all over again, now it's time to train the first group until Friday."

... about Arp: "He's a terrific player, very talented, but he still needs time and we have to give that to him, and he'll also get minutes in the second team to become a regular in Bayern."

... about the upcoming season: "You know, we work in a club where the ambitions are very high, these goals have to be defined in the same way, we want to defend the double, we want to do much better on an international level than last season, of course we want to repeat the good and improve the negative points. "

... about the transfer activities and Jerome Boateng: "We have to make it clear that every player who has a contract gets the same attention, every one of them, as long as he is here, gets fit and used, that is for everyone, we think about transfers, we are always in the Exchange and see what the market is giving, but we have to be patient, I'm sure we'll have a great team at the start, you can not copy anyone, and I'll do that until they're gone Bayern are looking around in all positions, we have to go ahead after the departure of Ribéry and Robben - but we are relaxed. "

... about the tactics: "You can not reinvent football, but since van Gaal Bayern has a style that has been practiced for years, in the second half of the season, we have played as we want it, of course, we must continue to work hard."

"Can definitely help us"

... about Leroy Sané: "He can definitely help us, he has incredible abilities, we have to fight against states and billionaires, Dubai has a lot more money than Bayern, it does not make things easier, but it has become more and more complicated in the last few years You have to expect that things will continue in the near future - the best ones will play in England or Spain and will receive twice the salary. "

... about the CL claim: "It's a curse and a blessing, the league's value is falling, we're only talking about the Champions League, it's getting more and more difficult, but we want to triumph, of course, in the last 43 years Bayern have twice won the CL - it So it's not easy, we're working on it, we want to do it better than last year. "

... about Hernandez: "We've already talked, it's important how he's doing, you have to signal to a player that he's important, I've watched him, and we all agreed that he has leadership skills not only at the center, but also on the outside and playing aggressively, we will have a player who will be there immediately and put his mark on it.

... on the probability of a Sané transfer: "I do not know how fast that works, he is a sensational player, but the market has to start first, when some players change, the rotation starts, and as far as the squad size is concerned, we have to make sure that we are at the level without damage The squad size of last year (19) was good, we always need three or four young players, as we have communicated and discussed so far, but with 17 men it will not be enough. "

... about the game system: "The coach also has to adapt to the system of the club, which we had extremely in the second half of the season, which has to be better and better, Hansi Flick is now with us - I am very happy about it, he is technically and humanly top."

... about withdrawal thoughts: "I'm here, so I think the question is answered."

... about the USA trip: You have to get acclimatised, but we want to train decently, we have three games and we will be driving with a lot of adolescents, we want to rotate, because I do not want injured people, we have a healthy training control, we have to train and regenerate.The results are secondary.The point is that we are in top form in the first game. "

"That's now priority"

... about Dembélé and a possible six: "He's a very good player, so first we're focusing on the front positions, we lost two top players and that's a priority, and of course Joshua can play on the six, no question, he's done another development, Thiago has made the last season fantastic - we can make the most of it, we have several choices, I trust our bosses. "

14:11: Jann-Fiete Arp presents his jersey with the number 15.

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14.01 clock: Jann-Fiete Arp:

... about his start: "I started earlier and got to know the first teammates, I feel very comfortable in the city, it's fun, it's exhausting in preparation, but I'm in good spirits."

... about the competition: "First and foremost, I think my future is in the club, so I have to get to know everyone first, so training here with the class players, that's where I have to go."

..about his maturity process: "You learn at a young age to be able to classify bad phases in professional football better, I'm glad that I'm sitting here and got over the time well at HSV."

... about the difference to HSV: "Of course, it's just a few steps ahead of the training center and the interest - the ambitions are different, that's going to fade in a few days, you start to identify yourself with it." That's hard to put into words - overwhelming, how huge the club is is. "

... about the player he is following: "With Robert Lewandowski, I have one of the most successful strikers at my side, and of course I want to learn from him, he's a very complete player, I can see a lot, I want to get some tips from him, and he's the perfect player to me."

"Will be difficult for me"

...over the city: "I have not experienced so much yet, but first I have to get used to the language, the other lifestyle, everything is more familiar here, but when the family grows out of the Bavarian chat it will be difficult for me."

13:59: Niko Kovac and Jann-Fiete Arp in press talk - in a few moments you can start!

13:36: In yesterday's presentation of Lucas Hernández Karl-Heinz Rummenigge commented on the transfer activities of the Munich. His statements in the text are here.

13.00 clock: Welcome to the live ticker of VIP News. Bayern coach Niko Kovac will speak today for the first time to the season preparation and to the transfer activities of the Munich. With the usual performance tests on Monday for a small part of the football pros of FC Bayern Munich began the season preparation. Forty-eight days after the DFB Cup win, eight players were in the performance center on the club grounds.

In addition to Thomas Müller, Thiago, Javi Martínez, Corentin Tolisso, Jérôme Boateng, Renato Sanches, goalkeeper Christian Früchtl, coach Niko Kovac was also able to welcome newcomer Fiete Arp from Hamburger SV on the first day of work.

For Monday afternoon Kovac had scheduled a first public training at the Säbener road. The national team captain Manuel Neuer and striker Robert Lewandowski will not start until next Friday in the preparation.

Newcomer Lucas Hernández completes an individual build-up program after a knee operation. In a week, the Bayern-entourage travels to the USA for nine days. There are also the first friendly matches against Arsenal, Real Madrid and AC Milan on the program.

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