News : Bayern: Niko Kovac promises Jann-Fiete Arp minutes of use

News :

Bayern: Niko Kovac promises Jann-Fiete Arp minutes of use

New entry in Munich presented: Loan business off the table: Niko Kovac promises Jann-Fiete Arp mission minutes

Jann-Fiete Arp has entered a new world at FC Bayern, a new dimension, but a direct lending business is not an issue. Bavarian language barriers should not be an obstacle on the way to becoming a regular player.

On Monday he had stood for the first time with the pros on the training ground at Säbener Straße, but Jann-Fiete Arp has been preparing for his first season in Munich for a total of one and a half weeks at Bayern. Behind Alphonso Davies (18), the 19-year-old Northern Lights is the youngest outfield player in the squad.

It is a new world that the youngster has entered after leaving Hamburger SV on the Isar. "It's overwhelming how huge this club really is," he said at his presentation. "I have to get used to the language, to the other lifestyle," the blond boy grinned, earning a few laughs. "If the home grown in between times really unpack the Bavarian chat, then it will be very difficult to come along."

Arp: Training in the pros, games in 1st and 3rd league

Coming to FC Bayern, where he signed until 2024, is sometimes very difficult at a young age, a change as a teenager to Munich a bold move. But especially sports director Hasan Salihamidzic have shown Arp "the way I would like to go."

He will lead him at the beginning often in the 3rd league to the second Bayern team to collect match practice, as coach Niko Kovac underlined: "He must now try in a relatively short time to absorb everything from his idols, in front of him He's going to get the time, he'll certainly get minutes up the top. " The training with the professionals alone will not be enough.

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Kovac gives Arp time to mature - in Hamburg this was missing

Arp has a difficult time behind him, after a dream start to the professional career in September 2017, he had some problems with HSV, had to withstand a Torflaute and thus many critical reports. "It is difficult in our time to give young players the time they need to ripen, as you might have seen in Hamburg last year," said Kovac. "We want to give him the time, because we've spent a lot of time with him, and the club has ideas why he did it."

The idea of ​​a direct lending business with Arp is meanwhile long off the table. "First and foremost, I think my future here is in the club," says Arp. Therefore, it is better "first of all to get to know the people here, to be able to train at the level of being able to learn from the people, there is no better situation for any club that could lend them, the circumstances here are for me to exhaust and to develop myself here. "

Offensive variability speaks for Arp

That sounds like a decision after careful consideration and also after a great confidence, which puts the FC Bayern in it. Above all, it shows that the 19-year-old wants to go step by step and is not too bad for the third league.

Arp is a center forward, but can also act on the outside positions. Thus, he would be a backup for Robert Lewandowski with the pros (Arp: "There you can look a lot in all areas"), but also for Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry. His offensive variability should give him some mission time with the pros.

Kovac wants to welcome Arp sooner or later as a regular player

He wants to and has to recommend himself for higher tasks because "our goal is to welcome him here sooner or later as a regular player and make him a very good player", as Kovac put it. The first leg of this will be the US tour starting next Monday with friendly matches against Arsenal (17.07), Real Madrid (20.07.) And AC Milan (23.07.).

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