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Bayern: Schalke could have gotten two penalties - sports

Despite all the precisions, the hand rule in the Bundesliga continues to cause discussion. After two controversial decisions in the top match between FC Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich (0: 3) on Saturday night remains at the former FIFA referee Thorsten Kinhöfer "a bad feeling". "Here Schalke had bad luck," wrote Kinhöfer in his imageColumn and admitted: "There would also have been arguments in favor of a punishable hand-held game, which bothers me: there is an imbalance between attacker and defender handball - and that brings back discussions without end."

Schalke coach David Wagner expressed a total lack of understanding: "I'm looking forward to the explanation, because I would like to understand it (...). In my view, we would have received two penalties." Striker Guido Burgstaller also complained: "We had to get two penalties, the referee said he communicated with the video umpire and there was nothing at all, and when we run to him again, we get yellow."

Women's World Cup

"The rules are there to be enforced!"

The video evidence and the referees will be discussed a lot at the World Cup in France. The referee boss Pierluigi Collina does not like that. He resists allegations.By Tim Brack

Referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich described both situations in a "double pass" at Sport1 also as "very critical". That the hand play of Pavard was not punished, could understand Cheerful, since the Frenchman "comes from a rotary motion and has no clear orientation". In the case of Perisic, however, Frohlich recognized "an orientation of the player to the ball". He wanted to pay special attention to the communication between Fritz and his video assistants in the follow-up of the scene.

Referee Fritz does not look at the repetition

Only Bayern defender Benjamin Pavard - with his back to the pitch - got a header from Matija Nastasic (58) on the splayed arm, five minutes later Ivan Perisic steered a free kick by Daniel Caligiuri standing in the wall with the forearm , Both times there was no penalty, referee Marco Fritz looked at the scenes despite consultation with the video wizard Bastian Dankert not even in the repetition on the sidelines.

Fritz admitted his mistake later. According to his own information, he had contact with the video assistant. "I would probably decide otherwise," said Fritz ZDF, "but can understand that I was not sent out because it was not a 100 percent wrong decision by me."

Referee Sascha Stegemann was right in the match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim against Werder Bremen. Because Werder striker Niklas Füllkrug had touched the ball with his hand in front of his supposed second goal to 2: 2 in Sinsheim, Stegemann took back the initially given hit on request from Cologne and own view of the TV pictures back. "Correct - and in principle a good thing," said Kinhöfer. "The new rule makes it clear that everyone knows what they are about."

Bundesliga live presentation in the 57th minute

Live presentation in the 57th minute

Philippe Coutinho comes on as a substitute for Schalke 3-0 - he quickly hints at the polishedness of his technique. Whether the Bavarians still require further additions, remains open.By Christopher Gerards

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