News : Bayern shows how it works – Borussia Dortmund quarrels with itself

News :

Bayern shows how it works - Borussia Dortmund quarrels with itself

Favre sidelined: World of Opposites: FC Bayern in the march - BVB quarrels with itself

Bayern sweep the 1. FSV Mainz 05 from the Allianz Arena, while Borussia Dortmund just suffered the first setback in Union Berlin. That looked different on the first two matchdays.

Marco Reus has become a man of clear words. It was he who was the first BVB player to open the championship title before the season, and it was he who shattered after the 3-1 defeat at the Alte Försterei in Berlin: "We just got into the game We had a few good solutions in between, but we did not play well in the last third and then we do not score, it was not enough overall. "

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Thud! That the Dortmund captain so rude about his own team (including himself) expressed, was, of course, due to the unnecessary defeat of his Borussia, on the other hand, but also in the 6-1 victory of the competition from the South.

Bayern with XXL comeback qualities

Everything had started so well from the point of view of the Dortmund. Sixth minute in the Allianz Arena, a completely aside Benjamin Pavard (who is still world champion) and a brace from Jean-Paul Boetius: 0: 1 from the perspective of Bayern.

Saturday seemed to be the ideal scenario for BVB and the worst-case scenario for FCB. For who would have thought that Dortmund pats in the evening at the climber? At least not the players in black and yellow.

"I think we think we can only win the games with quality, we have to stop believing that we can only win the games with quality, we just have to show the virtues of the past season, each of us has to now put a fool on it, "scolded - of course - Captain Reus.

BVB makes life difficult for itself - again

And with this view of things, the offensive star of the title aspirant was not alone. "It is not easy here to fall behind and then catch up with the goals, as we noticed in Cologne in front of a great crowd, we noticed that here," said colleague Julian Brandt, who was injured by Thorgan Hazard the starting line had slipped.

Just a week ago, Brandt Matchwinner could grumble, had introduced his substitution against 1. FC Cologne but the turn. Again, the BVB had surprisingly lagged behind. But unlike now against Union, there was a happy ending. Thanks Brandt.

Bayern turns the tables

It is somehow significant that the recently criticized Munich turn the tables shortly before the two-week international break. The BVB was in some circles already as an absolute favorite for the German championship. What mistake! Or?

While the Bayern have increased from game to game since the meager 2: 2 to kick off against Hertha from Berlin, the Dortmund have so far more and more feathers. The 5: 1 impressed against Ausgburg, the 3: 1 grounded in Cologne and stunned the 1: 3 at Union.

So Lucien Favre was served after the game, he wanted the word mastery, as ever, not hear, not smell, not see. "We have to watch what we say, and I've been saying this for a long time: there's a lot to do," he scolded, and it was clear what he meant. The offensive championship talk of his superiors, especially BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke.

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Three games do not make a master yet

But always slowly with the bad sounds. Because: Three games, attention phrase, do not make a master for a long time. The FCB got to feel in the past season in the fall, which got the BVB in the spring to feel.

Even if Bayern have set a first real exclamation point this season, the meager opening phase against Mainz must not be forgotten. Or, as Niko Kovac put it: "We did not take a lukewarm break, we were too lethargic, we thought it would be easier."

That's what BVB thought on this third matchday. Unlike Bayern, however, the black and yellow could no longer turn the switch. Until the international break in two weeks. As Dortmund plays against Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern in Leipzig.

The master race has begun.

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