News : Bayern: Uli Hoeneß – wish-successor Herbert Hainer is a good friend

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Bayern: Uli Hoeneß - wish-successor Herbert Hainer is a good friend

At 10 pm, the newspaper "Bild" chased a message on the Internet, from which one can say without exaggeration: This is a turning point in German football. Uli Hoeness, for 40 years the most powerful man at Bayern and thus in professional football, no longer runs for president in November. Hoeness resigns from the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the same time. His time at Bayern: About the reasons you can only speculate at the moment.

The authorship of the "Bild" story suggests that the launch is planned for a long time. Sporting director Matthias Brügelmann and chief columnist Alfred Draxler are personally responsible for the truthfulness. An official confirmation of the club was not available at first. The news reached the public, while CEO Karl -Heinz Rummenigge was with the Bayern team, but without Hoeneß in the US.

Herbert Hainer and Hoeneß are friends for a long time

Traded as Hoeneß successor: Herbert Hainer. As a member of the Supervisory Board, the former Adidas boss not only has a deep knowledge of the inner workings of FC Bayern. In the football world, he enjoys such high confidence that Hainer was even traded as the new DFB president. Corresponding inquiries he made politely as determined from: No interest. His friendship with Hoeneß weighs heavier.

Suddenly, it makes sense that Uli Hoeneß and Herbert Hainer in September, as if from nowhere, gave a joint long interview in the "FAZ" on Sunday and assured themselves of their mutual loyalty. The headline read: "A friend with whom you can cry is a gift." That sounded like Beckenbauer: Nobody can separate good friends. Friends had Uli Hoeneß at Bayern last less and less.

Public differences between Rummenigge and Hoeneß

With Rummenigge he lay for months in the coach question cross, whether you should stick to Niko Kovac. Most recently, Hoeness had to listen to the unseen instruction that he should not public - as in the double-pass broadcast at the end of February - on possible accesses rattle. Not even the supporter, who returned him to prison after prison, was unconditionally behind his president.

Not only the scolding of the courageous club member Johannes Bachmayr, who criticized Paul Breitner at the annual meeting, but also personnel decisions and training camps in Qatar, received massive applause before Christmas. The resistance continues with the Bavarian amateurs: That the season ticket holders no longer enjoy free admission in the 3rd league, they charge on posters Uli Hoeneß.

The influence of Hoeneß will not disappear

Nevertheless, it had always been assumed since the announced change of board from Rummenigge to Oliver Kahn that Hoeneß seeks his re-election and moderated the transitional period until 2022. Both the Kovac whereabouts as well as the Kahn intro were considered signals that he had decided the strength comparison with Rummenigge for themselves. Since he could get over the farewell of his favorite player Franck Ribery.

Well, that's it. No one has to think that his influence is dwindling. First, his confidant Herbert Hainer moves on. Secondly, the General Assembly is likely to elect him honorary president, allowing for a presence in landmark sessions. Third, his departure will release so many emotions that his faults will be overlooked as they are over the outgoing CEO.

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