News : Bayern vs BVB – Lewandowski and Haaland: The 3-2 in the 4-2 sport

News : Bayern vs BVB – Lewandowski and Haaland: The 3-2 in the 4-2 sport

It was a few weeks ago that Robert Lewandowski was sitting in front of the camera for a video conference during the Club World Cup in Qatar and talking about this duel, which was now the topic again. There are three or four really good strikers in the Bundesliga, said the Bayern attacker, “they can score a lot of goals”. This striker from Dortmund too, of course. When it came to whether he could one day replace him, Lewandowski politely pointed out that this discussion would have to wait a few years before he was a little older himself. In addition, he did not forget to mention that it is more about the success of the team than about such undoubtedly interesting duels.

Lewandowski, 32, scored one goal more than Erling Haaland, 20, in the 4-2 draw against Borussia Dortmund, with which Bayern defended their lead in the table, on Saturday evening. The world footballer scored three goals, two of the greatest talents in world football. Lewandowski, so one could interpret it, had won the duel between the scorers against Haaland, whom he then praised as a “great player” with a “great future”.

Lewandowski is chasing the Müller record

Lewandowski is now missing with 31 goals this season, only nine goals in the remaining ten games to Gerd Müller’s all-time record from the 1971/72 season. But when asked about this, Lewandowski also referred to the team’s success in a routine and friendly manner in the ZDF interview in the evening. The record, he said, was “not in his head”.

Now you don’t necessarily have to worry about a lack of vanity with the Munich striker. As far as that goes, you can watch him after goals, for example, as he purposefully seeks eye contact with the camera for his cheering poses. In terms of his style of play in the past weeks and months as well as the game on Saturday, it was definitely the right thought. Because the duel between two outstanding center forwards was actually decided by the players around them.

It was Lewandowski’s goals with which FC Bayern equalized the 2-0 deficit after nine minutes before the break. It was another Lewandowski goal that finally decided the match in the 90th minute. The groundbreaking goal of the evening was that of Leon Goretzka to 3-2 in the 88th minute. And with all goals, the emergence was rather remarkable.

At 1: 2 after 26 minutes, it was winger Leroy Sané who hit an unstoppable hook and passed the ball into the middle, where Lewandowski had sneaked so free that he only had to push the ball over the line. For weeks it has been Sané who, after some adjustment difficulties after moving to Munich in the summer, has stood for the offensive strength of his team, which repeatedly compensates for defensive weaknesses and makes up for arrears. It doesn’t look like that pattern will change much this season in the battle for the title. Sané, who played from the start instead of Serge Gnabry, played “an outstanding 70 minutes”, said coach Hansi Flick.

Even before the 4: 2, it was the national player who played a decisive role, even if his contribution did not appear in the statistics: He let the ball roll through his legs after a pass from Alphonso Davies, creating space for Lewandowski’s long-range shot. His contribution to the 3: 2 was particularly noticeable and much discussed. In the first half of the season he was accused like a mantra of not working back enough. This time he ran into BVB defender Emre Can after winning the ball in a back sprint from Dortmund with such force that it sparked protests from Dortmund. Referee Marco Fritz did not whistle, however, Munich settled in the opposing half, as it was with the exception of the first 20 minutes of the entire game – and Goretzka met.

The midfielder, 26, also stands for the dominance of Munich football. Or that wing attacker on the other side, whose regular place is no longer an option: Kingsley Coman, 24, took out the penalty that Lewandowski converted to 2-2.

While the Munich team gave their center forward a total of nine shots on goal, it was only the two that Haaland used to score after two and nine minutes. But from Dortmund’s point of view, the decisive factor was an attack after 24 minutes, which could have meant the 3-0. Full-back Thomas Meunier did not manage to pass the ball in the penalty area to Haaland, which had run free again, nor to shoot himself. “A sticking point,” said Dortmund coach Edin Terzic. Then it fell 1: 2.

Haaland had foreseen it beforehand

Only the first 20 minutes of the game, which this time was just a duel between the league leaders and a team in the fight for Champions League qualification, looked like the top game that it was always advertised as in previous years. Even after 20 minutes, the Dortmund plan still looked very brave for a long time, usually with a chain of three central defenders to oppose the Munich force. But from minute to minute the guests saw themselves pushed more into their own penalty area. After an hour at the latest, when Haaland, according to Terzic, left the field out of caution and to regenerate after a duel with Jérôme Boateng, BVB lacked strength and class for dangerous counterattacks. The fact that Boateng had to leave the field shortly afterwards – because of a strained knee capsule, as FC Bayern announced on Sunday – changed the course of the game much less.

In the end, from the perspective of Munich, it was a very similar game to so many this season, who started with a sensational deficit and ended with a race to catch up. And of course Lewandowski goals are part of such games. Incidentally, Erling Haaland had foreseen this beforehand. Whenever he scores himself, the Norwegian last said, Lewandowski scored “a hat trick”. Like “as if it were the most normal thing in the world”.

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