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Bayern - Waiting for the domino effect - Sport

  • CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge will be interviewed at a press conference for the Munich training start to the Munich transfer activities.
  • He points out that there has not been a big transfer in Europe and that all the big clubs are checking what the competition is doing.
  • For foreign players Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman, the Munich lack a strong substitute - and Rummenigge will have thought of this when he said that "we are still working in certain positions in the operational area."

Where the conversation took place, is not known, not even whether the popular in some offices at FC Bayern Butterbrezn have been served. The only news is that the conversation took place on Monday morning, said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the CEO of FC Bayern. That he told it is not entirely uninteresting, after all, it was in the conversation yes, that in the future less in public to be spoken about internal processes. So Rummenigge said, "I think it's good to talk about transfer activities a little less in the public domain in the future, and that creates a horizon of expectation that is not good."

The horizon of expectation that Rummenigge raised with the statement on Monday afternoon at the Munich Arena is that the club will not promise so much in the next few weeks, but rather simply complete two or three transfers successfully.

The transfer activities of the Munich are the big topic of the league five and a half weeks before the start of the new Bundesliga season. The entire national industry is waiting to see who the Munich will do and whether the promise made by President Uli Hoeness in February will be fulfilled: "If you knew who we already knew for sure ..."

Neuers consultant is not his mouthpiece, explains Rummenigge

FC Bayern Munich

"Manuel needs a goal"

Will goalkeeper Neuer stay over 2021 at Bayern? Advisor Kroth sees a serious gap of the Munich to the English top teams - and finds the current squad internationally not competitive.By Philipp Selldorf

Thomas Kroth, the adviser to captain Manuel Neuer, had said at the weekend in the SZ that the squad was currently not "competitively positioned". He had phoned Neuer on Monday, told Rummenigge on this matter, now he knew that Kroth was "not the mouthpiece" of Neuer and that he had a "purely private opinion" expressed. It was an exciting conceptual construction, since it is the job of a consultant to represent the opinion of one's own client.

On the other hand, Rummenigge had to answer many questions at the opening press conference on Monday about whether the club will succeed, any To oblige players. Rummenigge answered politely, every now and then he pointed out that access was right on the square next to him. Incidentally, by the way, the most expensive access to the club's history.

Hello, I'm Lucas, I'm happy to be here, I'm looking forward to a good season with Bayern, so pack ma's. " With these words in an impressingly safe mix of High German and Bavarian, the 80 million euro man introduced himself, Lucas Hernández, having come as Atlético Madrid center-back, become 2018 World Champion with France as left-back. His new club tried to avoid the headlines about all the possible commitments with this presentation, a movie was played, backed by heavy basses: Lucas at the World Cup celebration. Lucas at a straddle. Lucas at goal. Lucas in close-up, during strength training, in the pool, in front of the State Opera, again with the World Cup trophy. The fact that the entire national industry is eagerly awaiting further Munich entrants is a small injustice in the face of this prominent newcomer. But that's just one side.

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