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Bayern - Who we do not have everything! - Sports

FC Bayern still has time for its football summer transfers for eight weeks. It can be seen how difficult the people of Munich are doing on the rampant market - even compared to BVB.

Comment by Christof Kneer

If you like, you can see it this way: Bayern will still have the shirt number of Mats Hummels ("5") in the new season and again the back number of Philipp Lahm ("21") in the squad. You should not underestimate shirt numbers, especially with a club like FC Bayern, which places a lot of value on tradition. So the Hummels number was also so sacred because it once also dressed the great Franz Beckenbauer.

You can - if you want to - but also see it differently. You could also go and say that the "5" will be carried in the future by a player who has relegated (Benjamin Pavard) and the "21" by a defender who was injured and is still injured (Lucas Hernández).

"If you knew what we already know for sure ...": That's what Uli Hoeneß said in the spring, a statement from which one must have high respect. Hoeness must have known that the media would not give up after this announcement, but Hoeness was probably sure that nothing would come out. And so far, the Bavarians have actually managed to keep their "crackers", as they say in the jargon, a secret.

Transfers of FC Bayern

Who comes - and who might come

BVB is looking for players from the 1b category

Well, of course you could also say that you do not know the new Bayern crackers because of them, because they do not exist.

If Bayern start the new season on Monday with the opening session, not a single Leroy Sané will be on the pitch, not even Timo Werner or Ousmane Dembélé, and this Wednesday was also the news that the beaten up by six Rodrigo probably Manchester City connects. In the meantime, the German transfer market consists of Nurembergers switching to HSV, talents of Paris St. Germain, who change to the Bundesliga - and Borussia Dortmund. After the commitments of Nico Schulz, Thorgan Hazard, Julian Brandt and Mats Hummels BVB advertises - also this message was on Wednesday - now apparently also to the Czech striker Patrik Schick (AS Roma).

To relieve the Bayern is said that they have for their transfers still have eight weeks and also that not every basket they allegedly cash, is really a basket (Dembélé, for example, is rather not an issue with them). Nevertheless, it is recognizable how hard Bayern are doing on the rampant new market, as they have to define their attitude to the whole madness.

The Dortmundern that's easier, they are looking for players from the 1b category, players, with whom you can sometimes become German champion; Bayern, on the other hand, need players to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals, and these players are so expensive that they will not come to Munich. So Bayern would need not Thorgan Hazard, but his brother Eden - but has just changed from Chelsea to Real Madrid.

Bundesliga Bayern have a sell-off

Bayern has a sell-off

From the largely announced transfer offensive of the German champion has become the opposite. The recent changes only help one: coach Niko Kovac.By Benedikt Warmbrunn

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