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Beach volleyball - out of necessity - sports

Karla Borger and Julia Sude are the first German team to reach the round of 16 at the World Cup in Hamburg. But it lacks the brilliant show, with which the two had impressed in the preliminary round games.

From Jörg Marwedel, Hamburg

Burkhard Sude, the sports director of the team of daughter Julia and her new partner Karla Borger, had warned after the thrilling performances with three wins in the group stage: "Now the tournament really starts." And as simple as this assessment of the former "Mister Volleyball" called Sude also sounded - she arrived at the German national team only with difficulty. In the first knockout game at this World Cup, the barely known German opponents Kim Behrens and Cinja Tillmann were superior over much of the game. Nothing was to be seen of Borgers and Sudes show in the preliminary round against the Americans Klineman / Ross, number four in the world. This time, the duo did not show why it could even be a hope for the Olympics in 2020 - everything pointed to their tournament finish, as it later experienced their top seeded colleagues Laura Ludwig and Margareta Kozuch, also Chantal Laboureur and Sandra Ittlinger and all other women's teams of the DVV. They quit - unlike Borger / Sude, who still found their form, won 2-1 and in the second round stand. The couple, now 31 and 30 years old, was already playing on the beach when Borger's mother Cordula Pütter and Burkhard Sude wrestled for the first German championship in 1993 at Timmendorfer Strand as beach volleyball pioneers. Only 26 years later, it has become something of a beach volleyball family. And Julia Sude explains the special of the new partnership: "We have a lot of experience", and above all "the same thinking", which leads to fun at a high level.

The first joint training was still "terrible" in January, as Sude noted with a wink. Nevertheless, Burkhard Sude, who shares the training work with the former indoor national coach Igor Prielozny, is quite impressed with the new couple: "July makes it very sovereign Karla is the more active element, has the intuition," he describes the interaction and adds: "They have good potential to emerge from emergencies."

Borger, who became world champion second with Britta Büthe in 2013, describes the first-time collaboration with Sude as a "piece of family". The constellation with a partner-dad as a coach is already special. On the other hand, she knew that he wanted only the best for his daughter and thus also for the team. And above all, Burkhard Sude knows how to win medals. The 203-time national player in the hall was beach volleyball national coach, when Jörg Ahmann and Axel Hager won the first Olympic medal in this sport for Germany in Sydney in 2000, bronze.

In any case, the duo Borger / Sude, coming from Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen, are a bit lighter than the former teams Borger / Kozuch and Sude / Laboureur, who fought many battles with the association because they did not have to train regularly at the Olympic base in Hamburg , At Borger and Kozuch the dispute went so far that the DVV denied them several times the start in international tournaments. Nevertheless, Burkhard Sude makes a good prognosis for his team: "Now it's all about important details."

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