News : Beat the Mileage World Record by bouncing a basketball

News :

Beat the Mileage World Record by bouncing a basketball

Sorensen broke a very peculiar world record

Despite not being officially approved by the World Athletics, we are not going to take away one iota of merit. The coach of the University of North Carolina Dylan Sorensen has broken a world record of the most pecualiar. We are talking about the world record for the mile bouncing a basketball. If the Ethiopian Yomif Kejelcha (3.47.01 a year ago in Boston) and the Dutch Sifan Hassan (4:12:33 less than a year ago in Monaco) hold the records of the traditional mile, Sorensen is now who leads the mile ranking bouncing a basketball ball.

Maximum concentration

Without a doubt a very important plus of difficulty because you should not only start explosively and concentrate on the harmonic movement of arms and legs, but you must dedicate part of your attention to bouncing the ball in the way that makes you lose as little time as possible.

Sorensen It has completed the journey of the mile (1,60934 kilometers) in 4:37 ′. Curiously, the 30th anniversary was celebrated in this way by the equipo coach ’of the North Carolina road athletics team, which hit a set of 68-71-70-68 ″ to stop the clock at those 4:37. "I have only tried to give my best, it is not something I have previously tried, but I tried to leave everything," says Sorensen with almost no air after achieving it.

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