News : Beatriz Pascual's claim: What about financial compensation?

News :

Beatriz Pascual's claim: What about financial compensation?

Beatriz Pascual was eighth (initially) at the London / EFE Games

Unfortunately it is not the first case. Nor will it be the last. In fact, it is already impossible until a compilation of the infinity of times that has happened throughout especially the last 10, 15, 20 years. Injustices committed by a series of cheating athletes behind which there are real gangster plots orchestrated by very powerful people. We explain ourselves.

Beatriz Pascual, one of the best Spanish marchers ever and who announced her retirement less than a year ago, has published a tweet in which she has made the most logical and understandable reflection that should make us reflect; well, it should rather make those who cut cod reflect in the world of athletics and sports. “In order to receive the sixth place diploma in London’12, I must return the eighth one. Cheats who enjoyed their gold and silver will return their diploma and medal. What about the financial prize they won, hurting the rest? Is it also returned? ”

Two athletes doped ahead

On June 11, it became known that the Russian athletes Kaniskina and Kirdyapkina, second and fifth respectively in the 20-kilometer march of the Olympic event in the British city, had been disqualified for doping. That automatically meant that Pascual, who had been eighth, became sixth; another Spanish, María Vasco, went from tenth to eighth position. "Although better late…. now it is no longer funny. It's a shame!!!! Although 8 years late, María Casco accumulate one more diploma. Congratulations !!!! ”, Pascual published, not very excited (logical) with the news.

Pascual, who received a nice tribute during the La Nucía Spanish Championship last August, has been a finalist in three consecutive Olympic Games (Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro). Their claim is that of so many other athletes who have been economically weighed down by the traps and foul play of others.. But it seems that neither the World Athletics nor the European Athletics are for the time being forced to return the financial prize as long as the sanctioned athletes accept the sanction first ...

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