News : Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss: Hammer hard! YOU are the sexy wrestling stars of WWE

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Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss: Hammer hard! YOU are the sexy wrestling stars of WWE

For a long time, wrestling fans occasionally eyed her, used her bouts to fetch beer or as a welcome break for the toilet: the wrestling ladies' fights. But the times when women in World Wrestling Entertainment as pretty dolls half-naked wiggling through the ring are thank God over. The WWE ladies finally get the attention they deserve. And at the top of this Women's Evolution are some wrestlers who can serve with much more than the years presented Barbie doll image. Sexy and punchy: YOU are the hottest and hardiest WWE women.

Charlotte Flair: Born with wrestling blood

As the daughter of the double WWE Hall of Famer's Ric Flair, Charlotte has virtually inherited the wrestling gene. As successful as the Nature Boy was once in the ring, so dauntless is his daughter set to surpass her legendary father. Her record is impressive: she has won four WWE Raw Women's Championship titles, four WWE SmackDown Women's Championships, and one WWE Divas Championship and NXT Women's Championship. Since the ring name "Queen" proves to be quite justified.

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Becky Lynch: "The Man" Writes History at Wrestlemania

For a long time you had the feeling that Becky Lynch is flying under the radar of WWE. But in the summer of 2018, her big hour will follow. However, when she is supposed to stand up to her best friend Charlotte and he misses a lot of rubbings, the audience hits Becky's side and celebrates her frenetically. The myth of "The Man" was born, by the lone fighter, who takes it up with every opponent regardless of casualties. Becky's reward: the victory at the Royal Rumble. She also joins Charlotte and Ronda Rousey in the first all-female main event Wrestlemania 35 and may also take the victory over the previously undefeated Ronda.

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Bayley is NOT the nice wrestler next door

She is the nice, friendly girl who would like to give any fan a hug: Bayley. Of course, that does not stop them from properly distributing in the ring. Her friends Charlotte and Becky she is at least in terms of achievements in nothing. But on the contrary. She is the only WWE lady to clear so far the so-called Triple Crown, ie the Women's Championships at Raw and Smackdown as well as the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship (with Sasha Banks). A success for the history books.

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Alex Bliss: Little Miss Bliss, the goddess of WWE

Only very few fans had expected their success: Alexa Bliss was not considered to be the big crowd puller in the WWE junior league NXT compared to Charlotte, Becky or Bayley. Nevertheless, she made her debut in July 2016 in the WWE main program. Since then she has become indispensable in her role as the most manipulative rule breaker in the WWE Universe. She won the Raw Women's Championship three times, twice the Smackdown Women's Championship. She and her fans like to call her a goddess.

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Asuka - A superstar before the WWE

For a long time no opponent was ready for her: Asuka was already a wrestling star, before she hit WWE NXT and remained undefeated there for just 510 days. The Japanese had no opponent to take the NXT title - her first WWE defeat they had against a very big plug: Charlotte Flair ended Asuka's legendary winning streak at Wrestlemania 34. With Asuka should also be expected in the future.

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