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Being a hero is closer than you think

This funny video of Skechers speaks of #MadridSePica and the hero that every runner has inside.

The North vs. South Skechers will be held on June 16 and will gather some 9,000 runners in this 10-kilometer race.

Every runner has a superhero inside him, the one that comes out when it rains or the wind makes his own, that forces him to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to train or that makes him put on tights and windbreaks to face the extreme cold of the winter mornings

With that philosophy, the main sponsor of the North vs South duel, Skechers, calls the runners to join their #MadridSePica with a funny and endearing video starring a child. In it we will discover the real superhero who admires this little one; maybe he does not star in any super-blockbuster movie, nor does he have extraterrestrial powers, but this hero so human does not understand impossible challenges either.

"Being a hero is closer than you think, specifically 10 kilometers away." In the Skechers North vs South, #MadridSePica on June 16 in a homologated 10K that will gather about 9,000 superheroes to determine what cardinal point will take the great duel of the capital in terms of running is concerned.

When registering, the runners choose which side they will defend in the race: North or South, that's the question? Once each runner is clear on his side, with a representative jersey included, all he has to do is put on his sneakers and put his mundane powers at the service of the common cause: the team's victory.

The magic of this career is that any runner can win. It does not matter if you break the chronometer in its extremely fast 10K circuit, or that you barely complete the 10 kilometers in an hour. All times count equally. The team with the best average goal times of all its members will be the one to take the victory. Which team will be more powerful this year? North or South? At the moment the score is 8-2 favorable to the South, but it is clear that the superheroes of the North will want to continue their good run, with their two consecutive wins.

Become the hero of your team, show in your work or in your family who is the most powerful. Because on June 16, in the North vs South Skechers, you are the Superhero!


  • Date: June 16.
  • Hour: 9:00 am
  • Place: Madrid. Departure: Calle Mateo Inurria. Goal: Paseo del Prado.
  • Distance: 10 kilometers (homologated).
  • Registration: 15 euros until the numbers are exhausted.

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