News : Bekele flies to his duel in the London Marathon

News :

Bekele flies to his duel in the London Marathon

Kenenisa Bekele burst last Sunday the London half marathon with 1 hour and 22 seconds, 1'18 ”better than the record set last year by the British Mo Farah who in this course is focusing his return to the track with a view to the Tokyo Olympics.

A few weeks after the great duel with Kipchoge in the streets of London, the Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele proved to be sharpening his knives in his preparation to try to resolve those "pending issues" that, now, do seem to disturb the -for many- best fondista of history: get his first victory in London and beat Kipchoge for the first time in his fifth meeting on the classic distance of 42,195 kilometers.

"I wasn't focused on time today, I just wanted to win," Bekele said at the end of the test. And he left a significant note: "It is my fastest marathon during a marathon accumulation." It should also be added that he did half the test alone.

Will he defeat the almighty Kipchoge? We will know on April 26, date of the expected Virgin London Marathon 2020.

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