News : "Bekele gains eight kilos in two weeks at the end of the season"

News :

"Bekele gains eight kilos in two weeks at the end of the season"

Bekele, in a file image at the Berlin Marathon / AFP

Renato Canova is a very very unique character. Resident in Kenya for many years and established as one of the most reputable athletic trainers in the world. At his command are athletes of the stature of Florence Kiplagat, Moses Mosop, Abel Kirui, Mary Keitany, Sondre Moem or Silas Kiplagat. He already accumulates more than 40 medals in major competitions of his runners and usually speaks with stunning eloquence and praxis. In an interview given to the ‘Across the Runiverse’ portal from the Rift Valley (Kenya), Canova talks about many current issues and tells several more than interesting anecdotes from some of the best long distance runners in the world such as Kenenisa Bekele.

The problem with weight

Among other things, Canova comments that "Bekele usually gains about eight kilos in just two weeks when the season ends. This period of time is doing absolutely nothing and usually takes that weight. " The most curious thing of all is that Renato is doing this story while driving his van and calculating the times of his athletes (Sondre Moem among them) and he is singing them when they pass.

"Bekele is the best ever by physiological level by far"

In another part of the interview he talks about Kenenisa again and makes a forceful comparison with Kipchoge. “I spoke to Kenenisa before she competed in Berlin and was within two seconds of the World Record. He hoped to do 2h02-03 ′. The big difference from previous times was that he weighed five kilos less. Training four months with continuity for Kenenisa is a lot, he has never had that continuity. On a physiological level, in terms of conditions, Kenenisa is the best ever, by far. No one can approach him. If he had had that precision training and that regularity he would have broken many more records and currently he would be to break Eliud's record. It is a phenomenon, but he never wanted to leave the country, he did not do his part. He was two years with a discomfort in the rib and until that time passed, he did not go to the Netherlands to be treated and detected. Kipchoge would have gone in two weeks. "

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