News : Bekele’s pulse to the Ethiopian Federation to be in the Olympic Games

News : Bekele’s pulse to the Ethiopian Federation to be in the Olympic Games

Kenenisa Bekele, celebrating her gold in Beijing 2008 / AFP

What a mess in Ethiopia with the issue of the Olympic trials and the presence of Kenenisa Bekele. The one considered by many the best long distance runner of all time has refused to participate in the Olympic qualifying marathon event (35 kilometers long and almost 2,500 meters high in a town near the capital Addis Ababa). He has denied that it is because he is not in shape to face it. On the contrary, the holder of the second best record in history in the distance of Filípides believes that there is too little margin later to prepare for the race that will be held in Sapporo on July 8, which is too dangerous and that he may suffer some discomfort .

And is that There is a mess within the Ethiopian team because initially the Federation announced that those with the three best marks would represent the African country (candidate for medals of all kinds of colors) within the stipulated period of qualification. Kenenisa has not run since London 2019, when she stopped the clock at 2:01:41, just two seconds behind the World Record of Eliud Kipchoge, her teammate on the NN Running Team. Obviously no one in his country was above him.

Without Legese or Wasihun

The problem is that some time later the Federation announced that finally there would be a qualifying test (it was going to be in Geneva, Switzerland, but finally due to COVID it will be this weekend in Ethiopia) to make sure that those selected were fit.

Neither will the other two Ethiopians with better personal marks, Birhanu Legese (third best mark in history with 2:02:48) and Mule Wasihun with 2:03:16). Bekele wanted to make history and become the first athlete capable of winning gold in 10,000 and marathon in the last 69 years. We will see if the pulse is useful for something and the federation reconsiders, but it seems complicated …

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