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benefits and exercise routines

Work with dumbbells It has become a type of training that returns to its maximum splendor after weeks of confinement with the Covid crises19. The opening of the gyms is predicted rather distant and the use of water bottles, backpacks, books, and any utensil with a certain weight in your living room are beginning to be insufficient.

We help you discover the advantages of dumbbells: benefits, types, exercises and the best dumbbell offers on the market.

Advantages and benefits

With dumbbell training we will develop strength in a balanced and joint way, and unlike gym machines, we will exercise both the large muscle groups and the stabilizing muscles thanks to their free movement. Consists in use the force of gravity in the form of short bars with weights to oppose the force generated by the muscle through concentric or eccentric contraction.

There are many benefits that this type of dumbbell training will bring you:

  • It will allow you to gradually increase the weight since there are many sizes.
  • Greater ergonomics when doing the exercises.
  • The muscles will work more balanced.
  • It will also help you to carry out an important fat burning during training and once it is finished when your body is at rest.

Types of dumbbells

In gyms we are used to seeing rows of dumbbells with different weights, ranging from 0.5 kilos to more than 50kg. They are the fixed weight dumbbells.

Dumbbells from 5kg to 20kg

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There are also dumbbells of variable weight, not so common in gyms but nevertheless a good choice for those who want to train at home and do not have much space to store several dumbbells with fixed weights. One of the advantages of this type of dumbbell is that it allows you to adjust the weight exactly.

Variable weight dumbbells

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A model for foodies.

They are made of different materials, the most common would be metal and covered at the ends with rubber. If you are looking for dumbbells to train at home you will also find them made entirely of rubber. The metallic ones allow you a better grip although they have the disadvantage that they can cause injuries to your hands. The rubber ones are more slippery if we start to sweat, the choice then is a matter of taste.

Rubber dumbbells from 0.5kg to 5kg

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Dumbbell exercises

If we talk about versatile and versatile elements, the dumbbells would undoubtedly be at the top of the ranking. Here we leave you some examples with batteries of exercises of the different muscle groups:


Work of the upper and lower abs as well as the oblique muscles.


Chest Dumbbell Exercises Work the Upper, Lower, Internal, and External Pectoral Muscles


To work the internal, external and posterior deltoid muscles, as well as the trapezius muscles.


You will be able to work the internal, external and lower biceps.


Triceps routine:


Work of lower and upper lats as well as the lumbar muscles.


Dumbbell leg exercises work the upper, lower, and inner thigh muscles as well as the calves.

As you have seen with a couple of dumbbells you will be able to train intensely by performing a wide variety of exercises. And remember, they will help you correct imbalances and they will allow you to work different muscle groups in a much more specific way.

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