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Best Black Friday deals in non-sports equipment

Black Friday goes beyond offers in sports equipment and is that the #blackweek is presented as a great alternative to find sale in all types of products

The Black Friday discounts They reach all areas and the “bargains” that you can find in some selected products seem like irresistible. We have been in charge of analyzing the market and comparing prices to bring you a brief and intense compilation of the best Black Friday deals.

Take advantage of Black Friday to get deals on mobiles, televisions, home, electronics or beauty.

The team of the Stockbroker brings you the best offers of Black Friday in robot vacuum cleaner roomba, Xiaomi phones, Samsung, Smart TVs, laptops, iphone, video games or smart speakers.

Black Friday offers (non-sports equipment)

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Today the mobile accompanies us to all sites. Smarphones have become our inseparable travel companions and in this line few brands work as well as Xiaomi. The giant of the telephony brings us for this Black Friday interesting discounts on some of its best models.

We selected a model that already had an excellent value for money. The Xiaomi Mi 9T model is clearly on its own merits in the list of best smartphones of this 2019. A mobile phone with an aggressive design and with some own characteristics of a smartphone of much higher price. Xiaomi 9T would highlight its high-speed Snapdragon processor, a triple rear camera of the highest quality (with angular vision) and a 4000mAh battery that completely solves the autonomy problems that both affect today's Smarphones. A marvel of mobile that came to the market rather recently and that you can already acquire during this Black Friday at an unbeatable price of 269.99 euros

xiaomi mi 9t black friday
Xiaomi is the king in mid-range devices, and this 9T is a real rocket

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba

Tired of family discussions about the issue of cleanliness? He robot vacuum cleaner Roomba has the solution. A 3-phase cleaning system that captures absolutely everything to leave an impeccable floor. The dirt detect smart sensors automatically recognize the areas where more debris accumulates and are responsible for alerting the robot to clean them thoroughly. You can also schedule and control the cleanliness of the home from anywhere with the app “irobot home”. In this Black Friday you hardly find products with such functionality. Also, if you have been with the idea of ​​buying a robot vacuum cleaner, nothing better than taking advantage of the 50% discount offered by Amazon. A real bargain that will make your day to day much more comfortable.

robot vacuum cleaner roomba offer black friday
Few products are more useful than a roomba robbery

Smart speaker with Alexa

Believe me if I tell you that the smart speakers are going to "petarlo" this Christmas. A novel and perfect gift to ensure the shot. A chollazo that Amazon brings you for example in this smart speaker with Alexa. Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, narrate the news, check the weather forecast or control Home devices! Benefit from the discount on Alexa smart speaker clicking here.

smart speaker with alexa
The smart speaker with Alexa is going to "petarlo" this Christmas

Samsung 4K TV

We are all hooked on the Netflix, HBO or Movistar series. The smart TVs They have become an indispensable element for all families and it is that we remember little about TVs without internet. If you want to wear TV in the middle of the dining room, you will find few opportunities like this Black Friday.

As a particularly remarkable offer we find this Samsung TV with 4k. A 150 euros discount which allows you to enjoy a model with one of the clearest images on the market for just 399 euros. The model is available in different sizes ranging from 43 to 65 inches. Beyond 4K technology, the television incorporates the dynamic crystal color system that offers a hyper-realistic variation of the different color tones.

tv samsung 4k offer black friday
For less than 400 euros you can enjoy a TV with 4K technology

Iphone 11

Apple continues to gain adherents year after year and is that a few months ago shook the market again with the arrival of the novel Iphone 11. He most modern and desired mobile phone Arrive at this Black Friday with interesting discounts. The offer is not astronomical but very interesting and somewhat unexpected considering that it is a mobile that takes so little time in the market. Now you can get a Iphone 11 for less than 770 euros. This is the price with which Apple itself markets its 64GB version. Check offer and availability in this link “Iphone 11 Offer”

offer iphone 11 black friday
Get an iphone 11 at a good price thanks to the BF


This Black Friday also serves to find on offer what is surely the most demanded video game in history. FIFA 20 is expected to be a Christmas again star gift so nothing better than to meet the requests of the youngest in advance and at the best price. The FIFA 20 in its standard edition is available for PS4 from 39.99 euros and for PC from 34.90 euros. Without a doubt an incredible price for one of the most popular video games that exist.

fifa 20 offer black friday
The most popular video game comes out on Black Friday for less than 40 euros. Bargain!

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