News : Best brand in the history of Duplantis and Kiplimo shines again

News : Best brand in the history of Duplantis and Kiplimo shines again

Duplantis explodes in jubilation after achieving the best mark in history / Diamond League

The Olympic Stadium in Rome, one of the myths of international athletics, appeared alone and soulless. Its tens of thousands of empty seats were to witness a best mark ever. Too bad that athletic lovers have not been able to vibrate live with another feat that the Swede Armand Duplantis has given us. Each time he sticks the pole, he achieves a heavenly melody that today has sounded louder than ever in the cradle of the strongest and most powerful Empire in history. Duplantis has reached 6.15 meters in the Diamond League in the Italian capital. He had meetings trying, but reaching these heights is within the reach of very few and although he has spoiled us, we must give him all the tremendous value he has.

Beating Bubka

Duplantis, only 20 years old, surpassed by one centimeter the previous record held by Ukrainian Sergey Bubka with a record of 6.14 meters from the already distant 1994. Three centimeters less than the 6.18 meters that Armand Duplantis set on 15 February under cover as the absolute world record in the Scottish city of Glasgow. And that the contest did not seem to start at all well for the Scandinavian peer, who surprisingly signed a void on his first attempt over 5.80 meters. A void that made one fear that Duplantis, as happened last Sunday in Berlin, where he won with a “discreet” 5.91 meters, was not in a position to threaten Bubka’s brand.

But if the Swede stands out for something, who this year had already jumped 6.07 in Lausanne, it is because of his competitive nature, so after securing victory in the meeting he launched himself for the Ukrainian’s record. So after overcoming the first and with amazing ease the 6 meters, Armand Duplantis did not hesitate to ask the judges to place the list above 6.15 meters. It couldn’t be the first time. In his next attempt, he easily exceeded 6.15 meters, confirming him as the best peer of all time.

Kiplimo amazes again and leaves us a tremendous duel with Ingebrigtsen

Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo issued a serious warning to Jakob Ingebrigtsen this Thursday in Rome, after snatching the victory from the Norwegian in the final meters, in a final of the 3,000 meters that became a heads-up between two of the athletes destined to dominate the world scene in the not too distant future.

And it is that if Ingebrigtsen, who will turn 20 next Saturday, continues to be dazzling in each of his performances, Kiplimo, who will not turn 20 until next November, does not stop surprising in each of his careers. As he did again this Thursday at the Olympic stadium in Rome, where Kiplimo won with a time of 7: 26.64, not only the best world record of the year, but also the eighth of all time.

A record that the Ugandan, current runner-up in the cross country world, achieved after beating a Jakob Ingebrigtsen in the final meters, who seemed ready to storm the European record for distance, of which they separated him only 43 hundredths.

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