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Best cyclotourist marches in Spain

best cycling tours spain

If a few months ago I spoke to you about the toughest cyclotourist marches in Europe and why some succeed and others do not touch today to regionalize a little more and talk about the best cyclo-tourist marches in Spain. A quite subjective term and that in my opinion refers to a global calculation of different aspects among which include popularity, hardness or visual and natural attraction of the route.

Best cyclo-touring marches in Spain (2019)

Mallorca 312

We start with the longest cycle tour of the list. Mallorca 312 is a newly created test that It covers the whole island of Mallorca to accumulate a total of 312 kilometers. An authentic savagery that every year attracts more cyclists. A cyclist tour that many participants use as a personal challenge. Mallorca 312 has cyclists from all over the world who take advantage of the event to spend a few days in the always desirable Balearic Islands.

Luckily considering the long distance of the test the Mallorca 312 does not accumulate much difference and can be done in large groups where it is easy to go to wheel protected from the air. The test has a special guest each year something that all cyclists appreciate since not every day you are lucky enough to be able to shoot with Alberto Contador or Oscar Freire. A magnificent march for those who look for new inducements and want to improve a little each season.

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Mallorca 312 has grown at a great pace in recent years. Photo: FB: Mallorca 312

La Purito

We continue with another test of recent creation. The Purito It is the cyclist tour of Joaquim "Purito" Rodriguez, former professional cyclist of leftovers known to all and who after his retirement decided to organize this "move". Purito, who lives in Andorra many years ago, came up with the idea of ​​taking advantage of the Andorran urography to chain several mountain passes in a few kilometers around.

And as a good climber there was no point in organizing something soft and affordable so the final result was the one we still have today. 6 mountain passes to accumulate more than 5000 meters of positive height gain in just 145 kilometer. An authentic barbarity that probably makes it the hardest cyclist tour in Spain and one of the most demanding in Europe.

A server has had the "pleasure" of participating in the test and I can assure you that if you do not regulate the last port it becomes eternal. The great difficulty of the test is in that when the road itches up because unlike tests with more favorable route you have to keep tightening to not stop. Do not forget that the port of the hen for example has 12.5 kilometers with an average slope of 8.5 and maximum of 18%. A port as hard as it is beautiful. 100% recommended for all and especially for those who want to enjoy a few days of tranquility and nature in Andorra. The route is also identical to the queen stage of the return to Spain 2015.

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La Purito surely presents the toughest route of all the tests on the list.

Irati Extrem

The Irati Xtrem It is a cyclist tour of Navarre whose route runs through unknown and virtually untouched corners of the Pyrenees like the Irati forest.

The event presents an extremely demanding tour with 128 kilometers, 3600 meters of positive slope and up to 8 mountain passes. In addition, the organizers have chosen to offer a type of cycling tour that for me has all the appeal of the world. No covert races, no dorsals or anything to throw to open grave in descents with open traffic. The Irati Xtrem offers the possibility to all the participants to time their time in the climb to Larrau. A well-known mountain port, hard and that serves to really measure the strength of the participants. Perfect moment for all those who want to squeeze can leave the soul in each stroke. A cyclist touristic format that, in my opinion, is ideal for boosting non-competitive cyclotourism but which retains the attractions for those who are more "professionalized" cyclists.

The Clip Pedals

To many it will seem that my head has gone by placing the clip pedals among the best cyclo-tourist marches in Spain. In fact I am convinced that many readers had not heard this name in their life. Effectively. The clip pedals It is a "reduced" cyclotourist march that takes place every year between Barcelona and Tarragona.

A cyclist with a totally different profile that runs between vineyards, farmhouses and warehouses on rural asphalted tracks that make the delight of all participants. As if this were not enough, thank you of the Pedals de Clip is that it has to be done with classic road bikes, with models prior to 1987, with Clip pedals (rastrales), with wiring on the outside and with the shift lever inserted in the frame.

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The clip pedals. A perfect cycling tour for the nostalgic of this sport.Photo: FB clip pedals

A passing event that aims to emulate the cycling of yesteryear and that presents two alternatives of travel (80 and 45km). A kind of cyclotourist march in nostalgic format who has been triumphing in Europe for years and who has not settled in Spain. Undoubtedly the best option on the list for those who want to enjoy the purest cycle tourism.

The 10,000 of the blowing

The Cantabrian hell. This is how the cyclist tour is known "the 10,000 of the blowing. A test that presents a road version but also another one for MTB lovers. The road version consists of 226 kilometers and 4600 meters of positive height gain. A savagery that begins and ends in the town of Cabezón de la Sala. It is one of the toughest bicycle touring marches in Spain and every year sees its reputation grow among cyclists. The test goes through a privileged natural environment, something that always helps when facing such long challenges. If this data seems to you to be few and you feel that the tour is lacking in hardness, the organizers make another, even harder alternative available to the whole world through the website. The Gran Fondo route is only suitable for lovers of challenges. The Great Bottom of the 10.000 of the Soplao accumulates 354 kilometers and 7400 meters of positive difference. A practically circular route that leaves no margin for error.


I could not miss the queen test. The most famous cycling tour of Spain. The Osprey He arrives this weekend at his twenty-ninth edition. A cyclist tour that takes many years with the same route and that apparently has no interest in changing it. In fact if something works for you to touch it ?.

The race organized by the cyclist club Edelweiss de Sabiñánigo is the most popular in Spain and leaves out by lot every year hundreds of cyclists. A perfect event for those who want to enjoy the ports of Aragonese Pyrenees and for those who want to use themselves to the maximum in search of a good record.

The personal marks in the Bearded Vulture serve in many groups as a business card. Tell me what time you have in the break and I will tell you how much you are ... .. Something said in passing seems really bad and a mistake by both the organization and by the participating cyclists. Cycling tourism should never be confused with competition, something that at least the first 1000 "classified" in the lammergeyer are specialists to do.

If you want a training planing for cyclists not olidies visit our post.

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