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coreorgasm_ orgasm and exercise

Have you ever had sensations that resemble an orgasm while practicing exercise? Have you climaxed in the gym with certain movements and repetitions?

!! Congratulations!! You have had a coregasm.

How? You still don't know what it is?

If you want to know everything about sex and sports and how to train sexual pleasure, we recommend reading on.

What is coregasm or coregasm?

These are core training exercises focused on strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, back and rectus abdominis.

But do not believe that the concept of coregasm is something new because already in 1953 a famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey mentioned it in his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. In this same book, he claimed that 5% of the women he interviewed had had orgasms during physical exercise.

Does it serve any sport or any physical exercise?

Of course not.

And we're not talking about a full-blown sexual orgasm, either.

However, the women who underwent interviews related to the study of this coregasm affirmed that they felt the same sensation that they feel when they have an orgasm during sex, specifically in the lower abdominal area.

What's more, athlete Sharon Ugg also commented in CrossFitJournal magazine that it was a muscular sensation that, once it begins, can end in climax if the same movement continues to repeat itself and can be stopped by changing exercise.

How to have an orgasm in the gym?

Obviously, the same exercise will not cause the same sensations in all women since we are talking about different anatomies, emotional states and muscular strength. However, it is believed that it is the friction between the rectum and the abdominals that occurs in certain exercises that causes this sexual pleasure in women.

Many experts also maintain that spinning is the king exercise when it comes to rubbing straight with abs and, precisely, in this activity, no women have been found who claim to have an orgasm.

On the other hand, there is a hypothesis that all this is caused by the recoil that takes place in the pelvic floor when repetitions of exercise occur, which implies an increase in pressure in certain nerve endings, which in turn trigger contractions. with each repetition of the exercise.

In any case, we talk all the time about women, but coregasm can also occur in men, but with other types of exercises. In this case, they would win the exercises whose movements stimulate the prostate.

Can you train sexual pleasure?

Of course it is possible.

It is no longer that there are certain exercises that can cause the appearance of orgasms in men and women, but that physical exercise itself is a great influencer of the mental and emotional state of people.

It is recommended to perform pelvic floor exercises to strengthen and tone that muscles and thus have greater control also during sexual sessions with your partner.

Best exercises to gain strength and endurance

Evaluating the responses of the women interviewed in different studies on coregasm, it has been concluded that the best exercise to have an orgasm while exercising is the famous “captain's chair”.

It is an exercise to tone your abs and it is very simple because it is done on a gym apparatus. The person is standing, grasping handles with their hands and pressing on the lower back, which, in turn, is supported by a padded support. Well, it's about raising your knees to your chest and lowering your legs until they form a 90 degree angle with the ground.

The pleasure begins after doing several repetitions, so ... everyone to tone abs in the gym!

In any case, there are many other exercises that can trigger sexual pleasure. For example, squats with or without weight, hypopressive abs or so-called sexual yoga.

In addition, any exercise that serves to strengthen and train the pelvic floor will be of great help in the goal of training sexual pleasure and, with several repetitions, can end in a gym climax. Thus, you can try performing weighty butt lifts. You just have to lie on your back, place the weight on the lower abdomen and lift the "bum" squeezing the buttocks and abdomen.

Hipopressive abs

Now we know that the abdominals are the star exercise when it comes to producing pleasure, but in the case of hypopressive abs the thing goes even further.

Basically, these exercises use the diaphragm and can influence sexual desire and control by modifying the blood supply and the appearance of certain sensations in the genital area. For example, it can be practiced with Chinese balls in the case of women or simple push-ups in the case of men (they increase abdominal strength and resistance in the arms).

Finally, another important factor when training sexual pleasure has to do with flexibility, so stretching with the aim of training it will be a good idea if you want to expand your catalog of sexual positions. For this, yoga or pilates are perfect activities that will also help you work on your posture.

Neotantra, sexual yoga

Desire focused on personal fulfillment. So, summing up.

If you want to improve your self-control and train sexual pleasure, neotantra is one of the sports (and mental) disciplines that can help you achieve this.

There are many workshops on tantric massages that you can go to get inspiration and learn the best exercises to train sexual pleasure with modern yoga.

Sexual mindfulness

Surely you have heard of mindfulness by now, but did you know that it can also be applied to sexual desire and sports?

In this case, we talk about techniques to focus and use mindfulness in what you are doing with the aim of enjoying a more intense pleasure, a longer orgasm or a good erection. In the case of sport, also in a higher concentration.

Not everything was going to be physical work when it comes to sexuality because the brain also plays a fundamental role. Well, in the case of sexual mindfulness the thing is to breathe relaxed, strengthen the muscles with Kegel exercises and pay attention to learn from the experience (sensations and senses).

So, broadly speaking, to be understood, sexual mindfulness is that.

And so far everything we had to tell you about desire, training sexual pleasure and exercises that cause orgasms, do you have anything to add about it? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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