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Best gravel bikes in value for money

best gravel bikes quality price ratio

More and more cyclists are interested in gravel and it is that the modality is hitting hard within the new trends of the sport of the two wheels.

Manufacturers are fully aware of this and for this reason virtually all brands have included gravel bicycles in his new catalog. One modality, the gravel, which we talked about a few months ago and that defines itself as an appetizing mix of adventure and sport. It seems obvious that the sector wants to clearly enhance the use and sale of this type of bicycle.

With this situation and the possibility that you are already seriously assessing the option of buy a gravel bike I have made this post. An indicative buying guide in which after carefully combing the different brands of the market I bring you the best gravel bikes. A selection with the best gravel models in relation quality price. A compilation suitable for all budgets!

Best gravel bikes for less than 2000 euros

We started with the selection of best mid-range gravel bicycles. For me the access to the gravel is interesting from the 1000 euros point at which you begin to find bicycles with more than acceptable benefits. For a somewhat lower budget it is better to focus on road models where prices are somewhat more adjusted.

With this brief introduction we go with the “crème de la crème” in gravel bicycles for less than 2000 euros. Important not to confuse gravel bicycles with cyclocross bikes.

Scott Speedster Gravel 20

We start with a model that for me improves year after year. The Scott Speedster Gravel 20 It is undoubtedly one of the options to consider when choosing a gravel bike for less than 2000 euros. Its sale price of 1699 euros places it in a privileged position in the eyes of the buyer.

The bicycle rides a alloy box that next to the carbon fork and to the specific group for Gravel Shimano GRX they leave the bicycle at a negligible weight of 10 kilos.

A double plate system and the always resistant syncros wheels allow you to comfortably roll on any type of terrain.

Scott has got us used to presenting bicycles with Adjusted Price But the thing about this Speedster Gravel 20 is even more remarkable. The gravel is more accessible and with this lightness it opens the possibility for many cyclists to buy a second set of wheels and quietly practice road cycling with the gravel bike. Magnificent purchase option that you should write your book of possible purchases in fluorescent.

The Scott Speedster 20 gravel is the best value for money

Cannondale Topstone 105

If we can historically highlight Cannondale, it is that the American brand is not afraid of anything. We saw it in its day with the inventions of the Lefty suspension and the Slate bike. ” Now Cannondale brings us to this 2020 the Topstone fleet.

Topstone models have been made thinking exclusively about the practice of gravel And we all know that when you focus fully on something, you end up making a difference.

Above all Cannondale models, I would like to highlight the bicycle Topstone 105. Model with excellent performance at the level of value for money and that by 1799 presents One of the most competitive assemblies.

The "haters" of aluminum imagine that they are already aiming at me and wanting to shoot, but let me say in my favor, that aluminum gives the bike a much greater resistance than we can find in carbon models. If your thing is adventure and gravel really begins to seriously consider the option of buying aluminum instead of carbon. Rolling on tracks the incidence of weight on performance is not much less comparable to what happens on the road. It is true that the weight of the Topstone 105 is somewhat high. But the 200 euros of margin you have until you reach 2000 allows you to play with the change of some component that allows you to lighten the bike.

The Topstone 105 comes with the full group Shimano 105 and with hydraulic disc brakes. Without doubt an excellent option if your budget is less than 2000 euros.

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Cannondale, Road Endurance, Topstone, 700 M Topstone Al 105, C15700M, SNA, 2020, C15700M10LG, C15700M10MD, C15700M10SM, C15700M10XL, C15700M10XS, Profile, PD

Merida Silex 400

Merida some year ago presented its range of gravel. The Silex fleet has really adjusted prices and the Merida Silex 400 model for me is the best in the market in relation to price quality.

The Merida Silex 400 has an aluminum frame, carbon fork and is equipped with a more than interesting assembly given its tight price. The Shimano GRX 400 has been chosen as the bicycle group. A group of 10 speeds (that nobody hits a shout to the sky) and double plate specific for gravel and that flees completely from the jokes that one finds in the market with mixed MTB and road assemblies. The bicycle is quite light and very rigid, which allows us to travel many kilometers comfortably. Its price is of 1599 euros and is available in blue and gray.

Without looking for something of slightly higher category you have the Merida Silex 600, which without exceeding 2000 euros, is also presented as a magnificent alternative to consider. For the range of initiation Merida brings us the Silex 300 model. Personally, I think this last model is quite fair in terms of performance. The disc brakes are mechanical and this for me is clearly an important handicap in the purchase decision.

merida silex 400 "width =" 640 "height =" 414 "srcset =" 640w, https: // 300w, /12/merida-silex-400-341x220.jpg 341w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Merida always in the ointment when we talk about value for money

Giant Revolt Advanced 3

If we talk about better value for money I imagine that many have missed Giant. One of the manufacturers that offers the best mid-range products for both road and MTB. The gravel did not want to be the exception and for this reason we have before us the Giant Revolt Advanced 3, a gravel bike that by 1799 euros It presents one of the most competitive assemblies of the moment.

The bicycle is all carbon (frame and fork) so its lightness is more than assured. In addition, the design and geometry are specific to gravel, which allows you to face long routes and medium technical difficulty with less fatigue and fatigue.

In addition, it incorporates the handlebar and the Contact SLR D-Fuse that work together to better absorb the vibrations of the ground. Giant has also opted to add an intelligent mounting system for luggage carriers and accessories to the model. The pitch of the wheels is large and wide enough to mount wheels for any terrain.

In short, the Giant Revolt Advanced 3 is a efficient, agile, manageable bike and that stands out for its enormous versatility when facing all kinds of tracks.

giant revold advanced 3 "width =" 640 "height =" 385
It is not the most beautiful bike but one of the ones that presents the best value for money

Orbea Terra H30-D

Orbea has long since put the batteries to not remain as an outdated brand and its commitment to gravel is a clear example of this.

The Orbea terra H30-D It is one of the prettiest gravel bicycles And fun to make. The three finishes with which the model is marketed (green, red and black) are spectacular and very different from the designs that other brands have accustomed us to.

The assembly is presented with the usual mix of aluminum frame and carbon fork. The group is also a mix between Shimano GRX and 105. As standard it is equipped with a double plate (30 × 46) and with 40mm Kenda covers that grip quite well.

Next to the design, the best thing about the bicycle is the price since for 1899 euros you can enjoy a bicycle that in terms of aesthetics and aggressiveness has nothing to envy to bicycles of much higher range. The bicycle is rigid and light and it is that after all its weight is contained and does not get so far from a conventional aluminum road bike.

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Orbea has been renovated to offer one of the most beautiful and striking models that we find in the market

Best gravel bikes on the market

We enter the high spheres and we do it with the best gravel bikes in the world. Here the price does not matter, we simply analyze the high range and bring you the best of it. Most of us drool with these rockets, but more than one I am convinced that the bug of scratching the pocket really began to itch.

Cannondale Topstone Carbone Force eTap AXS

We start with the best of Cannondale for gravel. The Topstone Carbone eTap AXS is for many a forbidden dream and it is that the 5500 euros it costs make it a difficult access bicycle.

The assembly is simply spectacular. Full carbon frame and Sram Force eTap group that leaves the bike in a incredible weight of 8.7 kilos.

The standard assembly comes with a double plate of 46/33 teeth and with a 12 speed shift with a wide enough range to overcome any climb (10-33).

It is true that for a high-end bicycle I miss some wheels of somewhat higher quality but in a global assessment it seems to me a very interesting bicycle.

Cannondale markets the Topstone Carbone Force eTap AXS In a single color. The red-black design reminds us and much, perhaps too much, of those of the 3T brand that once was the great pioneer in the world of gravel.

No doubt a rocket to practice gravel at the highest level. Comfort and reliability are more than assured. The lowered design of the rear pods reminds us of the new Supersix road.

Specialized Diverge Pro

If we have not included the Morgan Hill brand in the section of less than 2000 euros it is because it did not deserve it, but now it would be totally unfair to leave them out of the best gravel bikes with no budget limit.

The Specialized Diverge Pro It is an airplane and although its color does not finish convincing me, it is evident that if we stay with the quality, that of this product is more than indubitable.

The bike incorporates an electronic gearbox (Shimano Ultegra RX Di2 11-speed) that is expressly designed to overcome the most difficult terrain.

The lightness It is another characteristic of the bicycle that weighs almost the same as high-end road bikes. Much of the merit of this extreme lightness is the Roval CL 32 wheels that come equipped with 38mm tires.

The Diverge Pro has everything you can ask for an adventure bike. Rigidity, maneuverability and details designed to spend long hours on the saddle. The model has three fixings for bottle cages, luggage racks and fenders. We are facing one of the best gravel bicycles but also before an excellent travel companion for the practice of bikepacking.

The downside of the Specialized Diverge Pro is its price. The whopping 6200 euros that make it a bicycle reserved for very few users.

specialized diverge pro "width =" 640 "height =" 379
Although with a fairly questionable design, Specialized never disappoints in high-end models

Trek Checkpoint SL 7

Elegant. This is how I would define the Trek Checkpoint Sl 7. The most spectacular bike in the entire gravel catalog.

We are facing a very high-end bike with a carbon frame that by design and weight has little to envy aero road bikes. Your weight of just 8.6 kilos It is practically unbeatable for the rest of brands.

The assembly is carried out by the Sram Force XX1 eTAP AXS group and very light Bontrager Aerolus OCLV wheels with 12mm thru axles and Bontrager GR tubeless ready tires.

The frame incorporates the new IsoSpeed ​​technology for absorb ground vibrations. The bicycle is designed at all times to maximize the comfort of the cyclist. The model has additional supports for accessories such as luggage carriers or other basic tools for any bikepacking adventure.

If you get a Checkpoint SL7 you have on the same gravel and road bike. Changing the covers blocked with plain ones will be the only thing necessary. Trek has chosen to complete the assembly with a Bontrager Pro IsoCore handlebar that adds comfort, a totally internal cable routing and a carbon saddle mast.

The Trek Chekpoint SL7 is only available in red and its price is 5500 euros. Very high but inferior compared to the high-end Specialized model.

For me one of the best gravel models to date

3T Exploro LTD Red AXS eTAP

The one that comes to many is the jewel in the crown. The great desire of any "gravelero". The 3T Exploro LTD Red AXS eTAP It is the most complete gravel bike on the market.

A real plane of 8 kilos peeled which simply shows itself as an unbeatable version from the technological point of view.

3T, which with the “boom” of gravel already showed itself as a reference brand, has manufactured an absolute wonder.

Ultralight carbon frame, complete electronic group Sram Red AXS eTap, LTD carbon wheels and endless details with original finishes. Looking at the catalog it is inevitable that we drool and that we all dream of having this time bomb at our disposal.

The metallic black color with which the model is sold seems simply brutal. An elegant and fine design for a bicycle that in terms of geometry is quite aggressive.

Its price is 10,000 euros and is only sold on request since the manufacturer does not usually have stock. Bicycle reserved for the high spheres of the world "gravelero" and a prohibitive whim for most mortals.

bicicelta gravel 3t explore LTD red axs "width =" 1500 "height =" 1500 "srcset =" -AXS.jpg 1500w, 768w, .es / labolsadelcorredor / wp-content / uploads / 2019/12 / 3t-exploro-LTD-red-AXS-65x65.jpg 65w, 12 / 3t-exploro-LTD-red-AXS-420x420.jpg 420w, .jpg 640w, 681w "sizes =" (max-width: 1500px ) 100vw, 1500px
The most expensive and complete gravel bicycle sold.

Canyon Grail CF SLX 8.0 ETAP

We close the list of best gravel bicycles with the Canyon Grail SLX 8-0 eTap. Another wonder of cycling and for me one of the most beautiful from the aesthetic point of view.

The bike causes a great visual impact with its Gravel CP07 cockpit. A handlebar designed and designed exclusively for the practice of gravel. The handlebar is made entirely of carbon and its curved design has been perfectly studied for enhance stability in the most technical areas.

If you are looking for one light gravel bike Canyon's high-end model should appear if or if on your list. 8.2 kilos for a bicycle that is sold with a complete electronic 12-speed Sram group and with which the best wheels for the intense gravel practice are today. Nail DT Swiss GRC1400 They are an absolute joy when we ride at high speed.

Canyon offers its Grail CF SLX 8.0 model in two colors. The dark version with bluish details and the black version with orange touches. Both are especially beautiful. Its price is 4900 euros. High but much more content than other brands.

gravel canyon grail CF SLX 8.0 etap "width =" 1200 "height =" 800 "srcset =" SLX-8.0-ETAP.jpg 1200w, 768w, https: // 630w, -content / uploads / 2019/12 / Canyon-Grail-CF-SLX-8.0-ETAP-640x427.jpg 640w, Grail-CF-SLX-8.0-ETAP-681x454.jpg 681w "sizes =" (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px
An aggressive geometry like few with maximum comfort. This is the Canyon Grail CF SLX 8.0 etap

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